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When it comes to buying new speakers, you can discuss things like the signal-to-noise ratio, response bandwidth, nominal output power and much more. These specs are fine, you want to know how it sounds. You need to find the best songs to test headphones.

Below you will find good tracks that will really reveal the shortcomings of your headphones. Remember to listen to lots of music that you like, because it will be easiest to tell the differences between headphones with songs that you listen to often.

We have a short playlist that we use to test out headphones that are made up of tracks we love and could listen to all day.

But the most important if you are looking for best songs to test headphones is: Listen to what you like and also what you know really well.

How do you decide that the speakers you are buying are good ones? Test it with a proper music. We found 8 songs that will test the limits of your brand new speakers.

So, here are the 8 best songs to test headphones.

Let´s get this speaker test started!


Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N´ Roses

video source: GunsNRosesVEVO


Why It Works for a Speaker Test: This is simply Axl´s voice. The screeching screaming will make sure your tweeters are making what they are supposed to.


Unfinished Sympathy – Massive Attack

video source: emimusic


Why It Works for a Speaker Test: This song is the test for subwoofers. Only the best bass speakers or headphones will reveal the hidden quality of this song.


Caribbean Blue – Enya

video source: enyatv


Why It Works for a Speaker Test: Like or not Enya but this particular song is awesome. Just listening. If the headphones or speakers you are testing don´t surround you in ethereal layers of sound, you need to looking for another type.


Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys

video source: FiveStarzProductions’s channel


Why It Works for a Speaker Test: Bass, bass and again bass. Wait 10 seconds after the song starts and then turn up the volume. The big booming bass can easily blow a lesser speaker part.

 black-lineAll Along The Watchtower – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

video source: JimiHendrixVEVO


Why It Works for a Speaker Test: From the beginning, with unique short guitar riffs, to the final moments, this song is constantly testing the limits of low and high frequencies and the right to left balance.


Beverly Hills Cop Theme Song – Harold Faltermeyer

video source: Livelifetodie


Why It Works for a Speaker Test: The original piece is the one you need for testing your chosen headphones. Get the full mix of energy and silence. And make sure you are able to hear the sharp clicking sound in the background.


Baba O’Riley – The Who

video source: The Best Of – Home Of Classic Music


Why It Works for a Speaker Test: The classic intro of this track moves from left to right in a bewildering way. The intro gains piano chords, crashing drums, rhythmic guitar and Roger Daltrey´s voice.


Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

video source: Queen Official


Why It Works for a Speaker Test: Every speaker test you can image this song has. A cappella singing, soft piano music, face-melting guitar riffs, and booming bass. There are over 180 separate overdubs in this legendary song. The constant changes to the decibel level and the tempo, as continual back and forth between the left and right speaker outputs, that all make this song perfect for testing.



Headphones & Speakers Test


We have read that people use Rage Against the Machine’s first album to test amplifiers and speakers. Specifically, Take the Power Back.
It sounds incredible on both speakers and headphones, and if you’re into rock music this is what we would recommend.


If you are looking for some headphones, below you’ll find our top picks for the best in-ear headphones, the best on-ear headphones and finally the best wireless headphones.

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Best Headphones





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