10 Best Bass Songs For Testing Your Headphones or Speakers


Headphones are getting better every day. Better technology, unique design or greater performance. All this pushing us into the shop to buy a new pair of headphones or a new speaker. But shopping for the best requires you to do research and testing of your own to ensure you get the right device. And when you are looking for headphones, you need clean, crisp sound, wide frequency range and deep bass. Today we want to share our favorite songs for testing the bass of your new device.

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Are you looking for songs with intense, luminous bass for testing your new headphones, speakers or car subwoofer? Here is our Top 10.

Just A Lil Bit – 50 Cent

Why It Works for a Speaker Test: This song starts off with a heavy, strong bass sound to it, and keeps going until the end. Just the right music to test from the very beginning.

I Against I – Massive Attack feat. Mos Def

Why It Works for a Speaker Test: We recommend to low the volume as possible and listen. Can’t get a better bass line than that

The Four Horsemen – Metallica

Why It Works for a Speaker Test: If you love bass, let’s turn the mids and highs off and feel the bass line that interplays between the drummer Lars Ulrich and bassist Cliff Burton.

Violent – Tupac

Why It Works for a Speaker Test: If you are not a fan of 2Pac, you should easily miss this track. Just listen. Needless to say, this one must be in the collection for sound check.

Shock – Fear Factory

Why It Works for a Speaker Test: A great tester song for rock and metal lovers. Pretty sure the bass wave that kicks in with the vocals is somewhere around the 50Hz range.

P.I.M.P. – Three 6 Mafia

Why It Works for a Speaker Test: A classic old school rap. The tunes of the songs are rolling and you can feel the strong, heavy and deep bass.

Still Fly – Big Tymers

Why It Works for a Speaker Test: A must song for anyone looking for the great bass songs for headphones. For us too. This Big Tymers song needs time, but after you turn the volume up, the driving beat and alternating high and low bass drum will convince you.

Under the Influence – Chemical Brothers

Why It Works for a Speaker Test: A good song for a test. Right at the beginning, there’s a sine tone that continuously drops pretty low and it lets me know if there are any “dips” at any point in the low-end frequency response.

My Name Is Mud – Primus

Why It Works for a Speaker Test: A particularly strong and driving bass line goes throughout the entire Primus song. The dragging tempo and thick bass drum add to the overall bass feel of this song.

Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys

Why It Works for a Speaker Test: Bass, bass and again bass. Wait 10 seconds after the song starts and then turn up the volume. The big booming bass can easily blow a lesser speaker part.

This is our list of best bass songs for test the sound quality of headphones and speakers. We are using these songs as good testers for new devices. Listen to any of these hits with a pair of good bass headphones, and let the thumping bass animate your spirit and rock your body.

And if you want more inspiration, below are other ideas for good test

  • DMX feat. Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas – Here Comes The Boom
  • The Psycho Realm – Stone Garden
  • Jacob Miller – Keep On Knocking
  • Errol Dunkley – You Never Know
  • De la Soul – Declaration
  • Westside Connection – Bow Down
  • Xzibit – U Know
  • Barrington Levy – Jah

nechstar black-line

Test these awesome songs with the best available headphones.

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