Check These App And Sites Before You Get A Tattoo

Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, are temporary or permanent and only the creativity is a limit. You probably think that getting a tattoo is a great idea. Don´t do it quickly, make some preparation before you walk in the tattoo studio. Think carefully about the design and get a preview if you can.

We found a few apps and sites that can you help a lot.


InkHunter (Phone App): Preview a Tattoo on Your Skin

InkHunter (Phone App): Preview a Tattoo on Your Skin

Make a quick preview of how your tattoo will look on your skin with the InkHunter. All you have to do is upload your design and draw a little box where you are thinking of getting the tattoo. Next step is picking the chosen design and pointing your phone camera at the box. Now you can see your tattoo on the place where the box was. See exactly how the tattoo looks from different angles and shares it with your friends.


Tattly (Website): Buy Easy-to-Apply Temporary Tattoos

If you are not sure that you want a permanent tattoo or you wish to change up the designs periodically, this website may be a solution. Choose a design from their collection, apply it and you have a tattoo. After 2-4 days, you can clean it off.


Tattoos Hurt (Website): Everything a First Timer Needs to Know

This site has been set up to try and help educate and enlighten people with an interest in tattoos. Do Tattoos Hurt? It’s the question every first-time tattoo enthusiast has. Tattoos-Hurt tries, to be honest in helping you decide whether you want a tattoo or not. It will tell you about all the pitfalls you can expect. /r/tattoos (Website): Check Real Designs From Artists in Your Area

Reddit has a community of tattoo enthusiasts who are proud to show off their art. One of the rules of the Reddit subdirect at /r/tattoos is that everyone has to share the artist’s name and location in the title of the post, along with the image. So you can easily search for your city and you will find images of people who got a tattoo done by someone in that location.


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