The ClickPack Pro – The Worlds Most Sleek Anti-Theft Backpack

The ClickPack Pro by Korin Design is a backpack specially designed to protect your gadgets.

We all carry around a lot of smart gadgets. Laptop, tablet, smartphone, all these devices are important in our life but carry all day with you can be a problem. The problem is thieves.

This is where the ClickPack Pro will come in handy.

In short, this backpack is unique.

The ClickPack Pro by Korin Design is a backpack specially designed to protect your gadgets. 

It comes with a built-in lock for your zippers that means you can zip the backpack up and the thieves have no access to its content. And with the retractable metal wire lock, you can simply attach the ClickPack Pro to the seat or a stand, and be sure that the backpack stays with you.

What else ClickPack Pro offers?

You can easily fold in more stuff then your gadgets, like food, clothes… It can also securely store your credit card, the RFID magnetic strip keeps your card details private and safe.


ClickPack Pro by Korin Design

ClickPack Pro by Korin Design


The ClickPack Pro backpack is really well designed. It has a wrap-around shoulder strap that helps you relieve the weight on your back, has an attachable suitcase handle, double rain protection and a power bank for charging your electric devices anytime and anywhere.


The ClickPack Pro by Corin Design is currently running a Kickstarter campaign and it has already fulfilled its goal. You can currently place an order for a ClickPack Pro for just $99.

The ClickPack Pro by Korin Design Alternatives

Korin Design is not the only manufacturer that offers quality anti-thief backpacks. We found some best-selling alternatives to ClickPack Pro.

Samaz Anti-theft Backpack

The backpack is specially designed to relieve the weight pushing down on your shoulder. You get extra support by the cotton-padded shoulder straps and back padding. The stripes on the body front are made from luminous materials, so you are visible for others by night. The zippers are hidden in the back of the bag. No theft will be able to find the openings and steal your things. Read more about Samaz Backpack

Fresion Anti-theft Laptop Travel Backpack

Do you need a backpack for next trip? Fresion Anti-theft travel backpack should be a right one for you. Made of solid materials, with plenty of pockets inside, and great for organizing your electronic stuff. Fresion Backpack even has a rain cover. It is worth the money and right now you can get this awesome anti-theft backpack with 60% discount. Click the link below to get the discount.

Travelon Backpack

With over than 280 customer reviews on Amazon, Travelon Backpack is a true bestseller in this category. Made of lightweight and sturdy materials, Travelon offers you lots of pockets and slots to put your small items in and a small size to use it as an air travel backpack. The bag itself is water resistant and locks on the zippers will protect the stuff you have inside against thieves. View images of Travelon Backpack.


Designer: Korin Design [Kickstarter]

All images via Kickstarter / Korin Design

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