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Most backpacks do a good job of carrying your stuff around, but you shill have to consider at least one more thing. Thieves. We all carry a lot of tech gadgets with us and have a little more protection for them is always a good idea. The ClickPack Pro is designed for this job.


The ClickPack Pro Anti-Theft Backpack

This backpack is made from very durable materials, is slash-resistant and comes with a built-in lock for your zippers. It also offers a retractable metal wire lock, so you are able to tether the backpack to your stand or seat and has a RFID magnetic strip for keeping your credit cards protected in the bag.


ClickPack Pro - The Worlds Most Sleek Anti-Theft Backpack


The ClickPack Pro is secure a well-designed anti-theft backpack that measures 46 x 34 x 16cm, weighs 1008g and has a 17.3L storage capacity with 5 major compartments. It is capable of storing 15.6″ laptop, iPad, clothes, water bottle, headphones, camera and more. Two removable pouches are designed to electric accessories, and the built-in USB port gives you the access to your power bank, charging your smartphone on the move.


ClickPack Pro

The special slash resistant material mainly consists of 60% polymer polyethylene fabric, 30% black ultra-fine industrial polyester silk, and 10% military level glass fiber. This special fiber is 2 times stronger than standard carbon fiber. All these features will secure your favorite tech stuff to be stolen.


The crowdfunding campaign for ClickPack Pro is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge and preorder the anti-theft backpack.


Designer: Korin Design [Kickstarter]

All images via Korin Design, Kickstarter

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