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It doesn´t feel like a regular wheel. And it packs a ton of power.

GeoOrbital Wheel

Imagine adding an electric wheel to your bicycle and then travel 50 miles on a single charge with an easily removable battery. It is 500 watts of power available at the press of a lever with a motor that will take 0 to 20 miles in an hour in 6 seconds. Easy to install and intuitive to operate. The installation of GeoOrbital Wheel takes only 60 seconds and requires no tools. Even the tires are made of high-density foam. They ride just like a normal tire but they will never go flat. Just pop on the wheel, click on the throttle and go. It is a pretty brilliant idea.


GeoOrbital Wheel - Easy to instal and intuitive to operate

GeoOrbital Wheel - battery is easily removable

GeoOrbital Wheel - Turn Your Bicycle Into An Electric Bike In 60 Seconds

GeoOrbital Wheel - Travel 50 miles on a single charge

image and video source: GeoOrbital

Visit official website: GeoOrbital


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