This Robot Will Carry Your Stuff and Follow You Around

The company behind the famous Vespa scooter has created its first step into the personal robotic world. Piaggio Fast Forward has made the Gita, a bright blue orb-shaped cargo robot with wheels that will follow you around and carry your stuff.  

gita robot

With a carrying capacity of 18 kilograms and a height of 66 centimeters, Gita is designed to operate on a human scale. The robot can carry your cargo for about 8 hours between charges. It chases you as you walk or bike and can hustle as fast as 22 miles per hour.

gita personal robot

gita the cargo robot
images source: Piaggio Fast Forward

For people who seeking to lug larger loads, the Piaggio company is working on new type of cargo robot. It is called Kilo and it will be able to carry up to 100 kg.

video source: Nechstar 

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