How to Change The Admin Password Of Your Router

A compromised router can spy on you

Hackers have been hacking wireless networks for a long time, but in last months they are more than active. It is a right time secure your home networks, especially your router.

Do you know that many people never change the default admin password on the router? If you belong to this group, please change it. Hackers need nothing more than use the default password and user name and log in to your home network. There are lists on the internet that offer people the admin passwords for most of the routers on the market.

If you want to change the default login details of your router, the easier method is to type the model name in Google and use the instruction you find on the official website of the router´s brand.

Sometimes happens that you can load the default local IP address on your browser. For this case, we prepare an easy to follow the guide in our software section. Continue reading — How To Change My Wi-Fi Password – Common Default Router IP Addresses

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