iProtect Light – An Eye Protection Wireless Light

A patented wireless portable device with a brightness to protect the eyes and is accessible wherever you want!

Patent granted for its silicon base and movement, wireless and eye protecting. This is iProtect light. A smart light that won’t cause fatigue and headaches.

The flexible device offers a brightness that has been specially designed to protect the eyes of person around it.

The iProtect is a wireless device and with its patented silicon base, you can bend it, shape it from an angle of 0 – 180°, however, the format you choose to suit your needs and comfortableness.

iProtect Light - An Eye Protection Wireless Light

Thanks to its portability it is also ideal for the outdoors people. This lightweight light is great for campers or hikers and with its long Li-polymer battery life it will keep you in brightness at nights.

The micro USB lead (2 meters long) clicks into the side of the device and will attach to any USB adapter. The adapter can be an iPhone / iPad / car or your computer station. Charging from low battery life can take anything from 1-2 hours. The iProtect will tell you low battery by a blue flashing light. Once fully charged, the device will last between 5 – 70 hours of life depending on brightness and usage.

The iProtect is user-friendly with its easily accessible functions and its eye protection light of just 3000k. You can help this unique product to achieve their funding goal or even buy one for just $39.

Designer: Sean Murodch

All images and video via Kickstarter

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