iRoller – Reusable Touchscreen Cleaner

With the iRoller, you can clean your smartphone’s touchscreen without making a complete mess.


There is no doubt that most electronic devices require special treatment, especially when it comes to keeping them clean and sterile. Pathogens like viruses and bacteria often thrive on the surfaces of the appliances we use the most.

If you have small children, if you’re prone to catching the flu, or if you’re just borderline OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder sufferer) when it comes to cleanliness, then this unorthodox yet effective cleaning appliance for your electronic gadgets might interest you.

Regular clothes and sprays are quite expensive and not that effective. Glasses cleaning sprays are better, but they run out very fast. Some clothes can even damage your screen if they’re surface isn’t adequate.

Move over, liquid touchscreen cleaners! You are now a thing of the past.

With the iRoller touchscreen cleaner, you can clean your smartphone’s touchscreen without making a complete mess. Not only it has a unique design, but it is also a liquid-free solution that will allow you to completely clear the screen of your iPhone or iPad. This innovative product can also be used to sanitize other types of devices, like computers, tablets, laptops, and other cell phone brands. 

iRoller touchscreen cleaner – Review

There are many benefits of using this 3.5-inch, very compact iRoller.

First of all, it is portable, which means you can clean your devices at any time and any place.

Second, it easily removes hard-to-clean smudges that often plague a devices’ screens, like fingerprints and smears that usually affects your ability to use or even see the smartphone’s visual interface when the glass is truly dirty.

Another unexpected good thing about using this clever invention is that you will no longer need to spend money on sprays, microfiber cloths, or other disposable solutions that might even use chemical compounds that are bad for the environment. You can’t get any more “green” or eco-friendly than this with a cleaning method, and you’ll have the ability to effortlessly clean your devices’ touchscreens. 


And the most incredible thing is that to keep this cleaner clean, you only need to wash the iRoller under a faucet. Yes, that’s right. You can only use water to rinse it so you can use it again and again, countless of other times, saving you two precious things: time and money.


Reusable Touchscreen Cleaner

Moreover, most types of cloths and cleaners were not made to be used to clean electronic devices or their screens. They can be too harsh or abrasive, and can either damage your gadgets or your skin or both.

Most chemicals use acidic solutions that are not safe for you, your family, or the environment. And your family’s safety should always come first!
iRoller: Touchscreen Cleaner

Also, the iRoller screen cleaner won’t damage any hardware components in your gizmos, like the camera or speakers.

Whether you’re cleaning a PC’s monitor, a laptop screen, a tablet or a smartphone, – whether it’s Apple, Nokia, or Samsung – this liquid-free cleaner is completely safe, unlike the other options available for sanitizing the glass surfaces of your electronics. It is safe to say that this new touchscreen cleaning technology is technology-friendly. 

iroller touchscreen cleaner

This is why you should rethink and redefine the way you clean, as the creator of this ingenious touchscreen cleaner, SKT Productions, did.

They’re the same people that brought you many other unique and eco-friendly cleaning products for your home or office.

Their inventions are so safe that they are used in hospitals!

Most of the things they have invented can be reused, are good for Mother Earth, and are pretty cheap. They can even be more economical than cleaning sprays and sanitary wipes.


iRoller touch screen cleaner video

The iRoller was just the beginning of this liquid-free cleaning movement. They’ve also developed similar gadget cleansers like the Mini iRoller, the iGlass Clean, the iTack, In The Groove, and RollClean. So, if you’re serious about committing to using liquid-free solutions for your sanitizing needs, you should definitely check out the rest of their rollers.

iRoller touch screen cleaner – Features

  • Lifts sweaty finger smudges and smears from the touchscreen on your phone or tablet better than any microfiber cloth can.
  • It can be reused countless times after washing under tap water.
  • The elegant, compact and easy-to-use design makes the iRoller suitable for any situation.
  • Removes bacteria, hence sanitizing your screen of your device.
  • Never damages your speakers or camera like many other cleaning solutions.
  • No need to buy disposable wipes every time.

iRoller screen cleaner

  • Quick and easy to use
  • It works great on small devices and still works on TVs
  • Works great at taking off the fingerprints
    • Little overpriced 



As far as touchscreen cleaning gadgets go, the iRoller touchscreen cleaner is easier to use and more convenient than a cleansing wipe. It is a truly remarkable and clean way to wash your smartphone’s touch screen. It is the new way to clean the screens and monitors of your electronic devices, and you should seriously consider acquiring one in the near future. 

You can purchase the iRoller – Reusable Touchscreen Cleaner via, and it can be the perfect Christmas gift for that one family member who owns a hundred different electronic devices. Or, you can buy it as a gift for yourself. After all, this will be your most faithful ally when it comes to fighting against both the visible and invisible threats that lurk in the glass surfaces and touchscreens of your gadgets.

Designer: SKT Productions

iRoller really works for finger prints and smudges.

iRoller screen cleaner - Summary

  • QUALITY 8.8
  • DESIGN 9
  • VALUE 8.7

Perfect to clean a touch screen laptop, no issues with scratching or anything.

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