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A small, portable and powerful projector that can provide fluent HD video playing experience. Sounds good! KERUO L7. Remember this name. Most of the pocket projectors on the market today, have a problem balanced 3 features: the big screen projection, high image quality, and portability. The KERUO L7 smart pocket projector excels in this. It is very portable with powerful hardware and a 4000mAh battery. These attributes make possible to enjoy HD movies, give presentations and even play video games on a large screen.

KERUO L7 Smart Portable Projector - The Big Screen In Your Pocket

KERUO L7 is a small device with a sleek, innovative and unique design, that offers an adjustable elevation angle of 15 degrees. Built-in with Wi-Fi mode, it is able to stream content from your smartphone, tablet or notebook and the LED-based light source provides the use with 30,000 hours of a lifetime.

KERUO L7 Smart Portable Projector

Together with the visual quality comes the quality of sound. The 3 Watt speaker delivers sound with great bass effect, across a broad frequency range with minimal distortion. Or connect it via Bluetooth to external audio.

KERUO L7: The Most Portable Smart Projector official video


The KERUO L7 Smart Pocket Projector is a super portable projector with built-in intelligent hardware and battery and designed for low power consumption. Compact and easy to carry around, it uses android-based intelligent systems to achieve large screen dimensions when connected to project mobile phone contents. The KERUO L7 Smart Projector makes it possible to enjoy movies and business files on a large screen and soft lighting, thus reducing the visual fatigue from long viewing sessions.

The KERUO L7 Smart Portable Projector is a high-quality device. It gives you multiple streaming options, has an S905 64-bit 1.5Gh CPU and an 8-core graphics chip and weighs only 388g. Get ready for the 4K projector and visit a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Designer: Keruo TV [Indiegogo]

All images via Keruo Tv, Indiegogo

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