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Kniterate is bringing a compact industrial knitting machine that acts as a sort of 3D printer for knitwear that allows you to create digital designs in Adobe Photoshop software and easily turn them into garments you can wear, in just a few hours. Start creating beanies, ties, scarves, sweaters, dresses or even shoes.

How Kniterate works

With Kniterate, you can create custom knitted products like scarves, beanies, shoe uppers, sweaters, dresses, and more. Just follow these three easy steps:  

  • Step 1: Create your design from scratch or using a template  
  • Step 2: Let Kniterate knit it for you, ready to be worn or assembled 
  • Step 3: Wear your own unique knits, gift or sell them to others  
  • Step 4: Share them online with the Kniterate community




The Kniterate software is still under development and will ship free with the knitting machine. There will be two versions of the software – a browser-based version or a standalone version (Mac and Windows compatible). All the files will be loaded onto the machine via an SD card or USB. The online library of templates will be included in the design app, so you can easily design, edit and even share your garments and accessories. The free software will help designers, illustrators, artists, and makers to grow the Kniterate platform by sharing their work.

The UI will let you:

  • Design using standard templates from our collection or create them from scratch  
  • Add images and text  
  • Drag and drop from a wide variety of stitches  
  • Share your digital wardrobe with the world
  • We will work with our community and research institutions to develop an API to build more applications for Kniterate


Kniterate - The Digital Knitting Machine

Kniterate - The Digital Knitting Machine Lets You Print Your Fashion


Kniterate could reduce lead time for a fashion business or design school in need of quick prototyping, or help ambitious artists in the fabrication a completely unique wardrobe.

Designer: Kniterate [Kickstarter]

All images via Kickstarter

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