Lumo Lift Posture Coach and Activity Tracker Review


Lumo lift posture coach and activity tracker is a fitness device which tracks posture of your body, movements steps etc with the help of different types of sensor present in it.

The device is made of good quality plastic and soft touch painted. It weighs 11.5 g and comes with a magnetic clip so that it can be attached to the body so easily. The Lumo can store up to 4 weeks of data and the battery can last 1-2 days easily and can be fully charged in less than 4 hours.

Lumo Lift App

The activities can be viewed or tracked by the app provided by them for both iOS as well as android but to use this app you should need iOS 10 and above and android 5.0 and above. It pairs and syncs to mobile using low energy Bluetooth cheap.

The app does a various amount of activities starting from posture coaching to activity tracking. Just simply place this device with help of magnetic clips in your body and the device start to do its magic, the device will recognize your posture and give device according to that and even the device will tell you hat will be the best posture of your body so that you will remain fit. After from this all things the device also does the activity tracking like how many steps you have walked etc which might be handy and useful.

The Lumo Lift helps with your pain

The best part of it is if you use this device for reducing the pain in different parts of the body like back pain, leg pain,  the Lumo Lift will do a wonderful job that you will forget that pain within a month or two. The posture recognition is done by the sensor and it has high accuracy rate. If you move from the recommended posture it does vibrate and reminds you. After from this all, you care about calories burnt this device will also help you in the tracking of it. Two best things about it are you can set the posture target and even you can start posture coaching too.Lumo Lift Posture Coach and Activity Tracker Review

Excellent Battery Life

The Lumo Lift also comes with a great battery life to enjoy your tracking. The battery will easily last up to 2 days and important thing to note it will charge the part less than 4 hours. The magnetic clip it comes with is a breeze to attach to your body.

Lumo Lift posture coach and activity tracker. The App features

Now coming to the app the company offers is excellent. It comes for both iOS as well as android so both users can enjoy it. Speaking of the user’s interface of the app which very user-friendly and cluttered free so that every person can easily us it. It provides all the information you need and gives your posture details and posture workout details as well and additional information regarding your activity like steps walked, distance covered calorie burned.


All this information can be viewed in the app and to save your time it comes with weekly graphical representation so that you can compare yourself as well as analyze yourself about your fitness and health conditions. Don’t forget is has an excellent and rigid build quality so it can last for a decade.

Overall Lumo Lift is one of the best posture coach and activity trackers we have seen and its one heck of a device.




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