The MIN7 Speaker Is Made From Recycled Wood And Looks Beautiful


Handmade and designed from recycled materials. Use these words in a speaker description and… What do you think? How could the product look like? In fact, it can look beautiful.

The MIN7, by Minfort, is one of the most beautiful speakers you can see, and each model is handmade using recycled hardwood from old furniture. Instead of making it from on type of wood, the Minfort Audio has used wood splicing technology to join these wood panels together to create an environmentally friendly product. The speaker comes in three elegant tones: Oak, Walnut, nd Teak.

The MIN7 Speaker Is Made From Recycled Wood And Looks Beautiful

How does the MIN7 speaker sounds?

It embeds 2 amplifier board chips to power 150-watt, 2.1 system, with a 1-inch silk dome tweeter, 5.25-inch subwoofer, and 4-inch paper cone woofer. On the top, there are rotary knobs for volume, bass, and to select the channel input, as well as a headphone output. Along with the wooden exterior, this speaker produces a rich, natural, and smooth audio experience. A great feature of the MIN7 is the pairing option. You are able to stream music to this wooden speaker from your favorite devices through the Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, optical, coaxial, and analog audio cable.

The MIN7 Speaker Is Made From Recycled Wood And Looks Beautiful



  • 1 inch silk tweeter x 2
  • 4 inch paper woofer x 2
  • 5.25 sub-woofer x 1
  • WiFi – AIrplay , MUZO App
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • OPT in x 1
  • COAX in x 1
  • RCA in x 2
  • RCA out x 1
  • Headphone out 130mw
  • 40Hz ~ 20K
  • Main speaker : 50W x 2, 100W x 2 max RMS
  • Sub-woofer : 100W x 1, 200W x 1 max RMS
  • Power adapter : 24V3A / 100v~240v
  • 43.6 x 15.2 x 29 cm ,11 KG


The MIN7 speaker is really a nice piece of technology, handmade designed from recycled wood, but we have a little problem with it. The price. The MIN7 price is a little bit higher than we expected, $799. In all honesty, you can find a lot of speakers in $100 range that sounds better. The speaker is really beautiful (ideal for a living room), but it is basically an expensive piece of furniture with a cheap set of speakers.


Designer: Minfort Audio

All images via Minfort Audio/Indiegogo

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