Noxgear Tracer360 Visibility Vest – So helpful for nighttime runners

The Noxgear Tracer360 Visibility Vest is an awesome product for the dark and safety. Do you think you have got enough attention when you are on the dark road? Now with the Tracer360 you really gonna get a lot of attention. 

It is an item that allows you to be seen at night when you are running or cycling and it comes very handy because those of us who do a nighttime activity outside you will find that sometimes it is difficult to be seen.

Super lightweight, you can barely see that it is on. It snaps across the front, it has a reflected strap that goes around the back to a battery pack and then it has little lightweight cords that go around.
It comes with six different lighting modes and then six solid colors and additional straps if you want to put it over your shoulder.


IT’S ALL IN ONE VEST! ( 6 Flashing Modes – 6 Different Colors ). – The special illumination modes are based on visual science and are selectable at the press of a button, even while you’re running or on the bike.

TRUE 360 DEGREE BRIGHT ILLUMINATION FLUORESCENCE. – Unlike other reflective running vests and reflective cycling gear, this vest alerts distracted drivers before their headlights are on you, making you visible from over a ¼ mile in any direction.

LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE, & EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE. – If it’s for a short run in the morning or an all-night bike ride, at only 7.0 oz – you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE – WEAR IT ANYTIME OF YEAR  over your cold weather running or cycling gear or adjust it down to fit snug during those hot summer night runs – Hot, Cold, Rain, or Snow, the Tracer360 will go as long as you do.


The Noxgear Tracer360 Visibility Vest is something that´s going to revolutionize the safety industry for especially runners and cycles.


The Noxgear Tracer360 Visibility Vest

The Noxgear Tracer360 Visibility Vest

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