The Original Texas Made Bedfan

The Original Texas Made Bedfan: You will love this product. Imagine that your bedroom is on the 2nd floor and the air conditioning does a poor job upstairs. With the Bedfan you don’t even need the air at night. You will look forward to hot uncomfortable nights when you can crank the Bedfan full blast.

The only problem you will have is when you try and tell other people how great it is. They would always think that you are saying “bedpan”. No, it’s a BedFAN, not bedpan. And then they don’t take us seriously because we are too enthusiastic about it. “That guy is crazy, all he talks about is his bedpan”. We wish people would give it a try. It can drastically reduce your energy usage (and costs) and help maintain happy relationships. You are going to start giving it as a wedding present and maybe it will catch on with the younger generation.
We read some of the reviews about noise and lack of air volume. The fan makes basically no noise and the air volume is enough to make the sheets act like an open parachute.

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