Picture Printing Smartphone Case – Prynt Is Worth Every Penny

Prynt, Get Instant Photo Prints with The Prynt Case. PRYNT photos from your smartphone instantly. What? You have got your iPhone or Android phone, there´s different adapters that are sold for it, and now you are printing? Instantly?

No ink, No Wi-Fi, No Bluetooth, stylish and elegant.

You just need to download the PRYNT app and try it out. In the box is the main unit and then you get an adapter, depending on your device.

PRYNT photos from your smartphone instantly

What is included
-Phone Adapter
-10 ZINK Papers
-Micro USB

Super easy to set up and use. The quality of the picture is as good if not better than Polaroid, Fuji, and others. And the magic part is the ability to bring the picture to life – scanning the photo through the app launches a short video that was recorded as you were taking the photo. Great way to keep memories in physical and digital forms at the same time.




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