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One of the biggest problems of e-bikes is that they are much heavier than standard bikes. One company from Seattle aims to bridge the gap between traditional bicycles and e-bikes. The Propella company just launched their second, upgraded version of the electric bike.

Propella 2.0 is an electric pedal-assist bicycle which is fun to ride, easy to use, and looks fantastic. It combines high-quality components with the new battery technology to make a lightweight e-bike that feels like a traditional bike.

“A great electric bike must be a great bike in the first place”

The handling and ride quality is the main focus of Propella 2.0 e-bike. 8% lighter than the first version, features a new aerodynamic frame, 7-speed option, pedal assist and has the top speed around 20 mph.


Propella 2.0 Electric Bike

Propella 2.0 Electric Bike

Propella 2.0


The 250 watt geared hub motor of Propella 2.0 is integrated with the rear wheel and gives you an extra boost to your ride if you want. The pedal assist is very simple. It starts when you start pedaling, stops when you stop pedaling. Just choose the pedal assist level from the LED display, (higher level, more power) and enjoy your electric bike experience. Or simply select level 0 for the classic ride.



Propella is a Seattle-based company with a mission to bridge the gap between bicycles and electric bikes. The 2nd generation of Propella combines high-quality components with the latest battery technology to create a lightweight electric bike that rides and feels like a traditional road bike.


Designer: Behyad Ben Tarassoli/Propella [Indiegogo]

All images and video via Propella / Indiegogo 

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