QuickShoeLace – A shoelace that doesn’t need to be tied


Are you in a hurry and need to tie your shoes? Sometimes is it hard to do. Slovenian creator David Knez and his fashion design company InDavidual has a solution. And clever one.

We are introducing QuickShoeLace. A one-handed lacing system. This innovative concept uses a stretchable show lace that binds footwear quickly then is clipped securely on one side.

quickshoelace review

nechstar black-line

QuickShoeLace is 4´ long and available in a couple dozen different colors, including white, black, UV light-reactive of two-toned.

nechstar black-line


The design company InDavidual is seeking $18,000 (USD) to finance the new quick shoe lace apparel accessory by January 28. Knez has collected $117,676 in pledges from 3,361 backers. There are nine pledge levels with rewards, valued from $15 to $105, in this campaign. Rewards include an assortment of the special laces. Visit Kickstarter for more.

Designer: David Knez

All images via David Knez/Kickstarter


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