Quitbit Smart Lighter Helps You Quit Smoking Faster

It is difficult to be a smoker

Each year is harder and harder to find places where you can smoke. Very often you are pushing to stay outside in whatever weather is it if you want to enjoy your little friend.  And how expensive this „hobby“ is! How many times said  you in this month „ I will quit smoking!“

Successful Kickstarter Anti-smoking campaign

We are introducing the Quitbit. A smart lighter which helps you quit smoking by tracking your cigarettes. The Quitbit was funded by a very successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2014 and had raised over $60,000 and is now available for sale on Amazon.

Quit smoking faster with Quitbit Smart Lighter

Well, it´s time to stop smoking by understanding why you should quit with the Quitbit Smart Lighter. It takes the same principles and technology that help you become much more active from activity trackers and smartwatches.  

Quitbit Smart Lighter

This elegant device tracks each time you light a cigarette and gives you a useful smoking statistics. All the results could be synchronized with your smartphone, so you can have a better overview of your smoking trends and can easily set new goals and targets to quit. It is even designed to help you cut down and quit smoking on your own terms.


You can even create restriction when the Quitbit Smart Lighter will work to keep you from lighting up again.  Quitbit is 100% electric and smart enough to count only the cigarettes and omits times you are just flicking it to showing to some of your friends.

 Sync up the smart lighter with the free iOS and Android app

Quitbit App

Connect the Quitbit to your phone via Bluetooth and use the manufacturer app to set smoking targets and goals, engage with the community or see how much money you have saved by starting to quit smoking.

Like a scale for dieter

Quitbit Review

The Quitbit Smart Lighter is not a magical tool, but you can use the experience and understanding you gain by reducing your smoking or perhaps to quit on your own.




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