Rigiet – New Advanced Handheld Stabilizer For Smoother Video

More and more people are using the smartphone cameras to capture the world around them. But the smartphone built-in camera has some significant issues. Low-light efficiency, stabilization. Therefore when you want to shoot a better, smoother video, you will need a stabilizer.

Rigiet is an advanced stabilizer for phone and GoPro. It has seven different shooting modes to cover most of the everyday situations.

Want to film in landscape, portrait or underslung position? Rigiet advanced stabilizer is a smart device, it can automatically detect and adjust to the position you need. Or adjust the shooting position by hand and the gimbal will stay in the same position.

All these you can control through a special control panel. Easy-to-use, with a joystick, camera, and power buttons, it allows you quickly switch between video and photo mode, front and rear camera and zoom in out feature.

Rigiet - New Advanced Handheld Stabilizer For Smoother Video

Rigiet - New Advanced Handheld Stabilizer For Smoother Video


Share your favorite moments with your friends and family through a livestream on any social media network. Don’t worry if you’re about to run out of battery doing the stream, Rigiet’s got you covered!

Rigiet stabilizer can even charge your smartphone in the same time you are shooting videos. Or you can simultaneously charge the phone and Rigiet with a power bank.

Do you want more? Use the Rigiet app, drag-and-drop any object you wish to capture and the Rigiet will follow the object and keep it in the frame. It works correctly even for front and rear camera, and during streaming.



  • Seamless position switch.
  • Adjust direction by hand.
  • Easy-to-use button control panel.
  • Two-way charging.
  • GoPro and Tripod support.
  • Auto-track function.
  • Livestream mode.
  • Slowmotion.
  • Three panorama modes.


Like every crowdfunded project, even the Rigiet advanced stabilizer needs to get enough interest, to make this product a reality for smartphone photographers. Share this project, visit the Kickstarter campaign or support the project, if you want.

Designer: Rigiet [Kickstarter]

All images via Rigiet/Kickstarter


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