Ring Wifi Enabled Video Doorbell Review 2016

We all know that security starts at your door. Meet the Ring Wifi Enabled Video Doorbell. The doorbell solution that allows you to monitor, see and speak with visitors at your door from anywhere!

So, let´s have a closer look.

Inside the box, you will find everything you need to install the unit.

  • The Ring Wifi Enabled Video Doorbell unit
  • The mounting bracket with leveler
  • The screwdriver handle
  • The screwdriver bit
  • A drill bit
  • A micro USB charging cable
  • Installation screws and anchors and a quick set-up guide.

Short Ring Wifi Enabled Video Doorbell Review

This Ring Wifi Enabled Video Doorbell is dual powered. That´s mean, you can power it off your existing doorbell or via battery. The built-in camera provides a 720p HD video feed to your mobile device. 

This unit also includes a built-in microphone and speaker which allows two-way audio with noise cancellation. Not only can you see who´s at the door but you can also talk to them as well from your mobile device. Thanks to the infrared LEDs the night vision feature will come in handy for most people as well. 

The configuration of the Ring Wifi Enabled Video Doorbell is super easy. Just download the app to your smartphone, create a user account and then follow the on-screen instructions for connecting the doorbell to your Wi-Fi network. Once you have the device configured on your network, you are ready to install it.

Installing is very simple too. You have two options. Use the existing wire from your existing doorbell to power this unit or you can choose the wireless option and use the internal battery for powering this unit. 

How the Ring Wifi Enabled Video Doorbell Works?

When someone presses the doorbell button, an alert pops up on your phone along with the live video feed and audio, you have the option to talk with the person at the door from your smartphone. Not everyone will press the doorbell button, so the included motion detection capability comes in very handy. When motion is detected it activates the night vision camera and prompts you with an alert live feed and the option to communicate using the two-way communication functionality. You can even set the motion detection radius via the app.

Ring Wifi Enabled Video Doorbell Review

That’s What You Get

  • Wide-angle HD video
  • Night Vision
  • Motion-activated Alerts
  • Wi-Fi Compatible
  • Mobile Access
  • Weather-resistant
  • Lifetime Purchase Protection
  • Easy Installation
  • Rechargeable battery




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