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SlimBuds are the first earbuds that are designed to fit under any helmet, so you are able securely to listen to your favorite music during your different outdoor activities.

They are providing a wind noise reduction, deliver a clear audio experience at any speed and offering overall hearing protection. But the SlimBuds has also one important feature. They provide you with the hearing protection while the smart app allows you to hear sirens and horns while you are riding a bike or motorcycle. With the microphone on the chin, you can conversate wearing a helmet or communicate with your passenger or other riders through our intercom application.


Slimbuds by EAOS

SlimBuds - Fits Under Any Helmet

SlimBuds - Fits Under Any Helmet


Moreover, the SlimBuds comes with a separate remote control (called SlimRemote) that can be mounted on the handlebar and allows the user to control playback, answer phone calls and control the voice commands wit just a single button click. The rechargeable battery lasts for 6 hours of audio playback.

SlimBuds are Bluetooth earbuds that fit comfortably under any helmet which make them ideal for activities that require wearing a helmet; such as motorcycle, bicycle, and power-sports. They don’t fall out of your ears. provide clear audio at any speed. They come with the SlimRemote which allows the rider to control his/her audio with zero distraction. Our Co-Pilot app serves to provide awareness and communication features to the rider.

Watch the official SlimBuds by EAOS video



The SlimBuds has been available for pre-order on Indiegogo. You can pledge $149 to preorder the Bluetooth earbuds for riders.

Designer: EAOS

All images and video via Indiegogo

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