How To Get 1000 Real Followers In 3 Days On Instagram – Tips, Tricks, Apps

Follow these tips and you may be surprised how powerful they are.


Instagram is a big thing. After the Facebook integrated Instagram in his portfolio and offers the ability connect Facebook and Instagram into one account and share the content easily on both medias, Instagram is more than bigger. We want to share with you proven tips and tricks (we are using them on our Instagram accounts too) how to get real and active followers in a few days. NO, again… How to get 1000 real, active followers and likes in 3 days on Instagram. This sentence sounds better.

Before I share my best tips for you, check out these two interesting Instagram apps:

1. Your Feed matters

People will start to follow your account only if you have an interesting feed. The feed should be targeted for certain audience. If you are in fitness niche, your pics should be about fitness, health, training… This also applies to other niches. The best way you can do on social media is focusing on one thing and has targeted audience.

2. Follow4follow, but different

Now you have found your targeted audience and is time to follow other people. If you are not the newbie on Instagram, you heard or even used the follow for follow method. You simply follow others people accounts which are using this hashtag. Our approach is little different.

  • Turn on post notification for other big accounts that are doing the same thing you do.
  • Anytime these accounts upload their photo, follow all those the people that like that photo.

Everything is about timing. Follow the people few minutes after the big account published the photo and you will get a lot of likes for your pics as well.

How To Get 1000 Real Followers In 3 Days On Instagram - Tips, Tricks, Apps

3. Like 4 Like

Don’t like just random people’s posts and they will like your post back. It is important to like the post that is similar to yours. With this method, you can create a long-term relationship with other accounts. The people come back and like your post every time you upload a photo

4. Use of hashtags

If you don’t use a tag on your photos you might not rank in the search and you are losing a lot of new followers and likes. Use this app for finding the best hashtag for your niche.

5. Follow ViralMediaToday

This tip can get you a whole lot of new followers and faster. The issue is that you are not getting targeted followers. On another side, you get significant boost really fast. Follow the ViralMediaToday account and then follow all the people that he follows. Why? Because these are the big accounts which are a lot of followers and lot of the people will follow you back. Simple method. You can get up to 10 followers for every celebrity you follow.

6. Don’t follow fast

This is a big tip. DO NOT follow a lot of account in short time period. You can get blocked on Instagram.

7. Stay consistent

Don’t change your feed too much let it be with what your niche is. All the pictures you post need to be kind of relevant to what you are posting. And stay consistent. Post 2-3 times a day, not one time a week.

8. Unfollow

This will happen. You follow people and they are not following you back. This is any problem, download these apps and start to unfollow these people. The apps we are showing you also have a smart feature or notification that alerts you about the unfollow limit. This is great to prevent you from being blocked by Instagram. Unfollowers for Instagram and Followers Assistant

These are simple yet effective tips which can lead you to a bigger account with a lot of active, real followers. The best tip we should give you is the number 7. Stay consistent and patient. This is the key to success not only on Instagram.

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