SoundBrake 2.0 – Stay Alerted To Outside Sounds While Jamming

Stay isolated in your audio AND hear important outside sounds! Works with any headphones including Bluetooth.

Having a complete surrounding isolation in the headphone or earbuds when you are enjoying favorite music is a great experience. The downside is that you will be unaware of what is happening on your surrounding. It can even be dangerous.

SoundBrake 2.0 is a very helpful invention.

This headphone add-on wants to make you stay aware of what is going on around you, without interruption your music quality or volume. This device can be installed on almost any headphone, earbuds, tablet, smartphone or any other audio players.

SoundBrake 2.0 - Stay alerted to outside sounds when listening music

SoundBrake listens to your surroundings and instantly streams in outside sounds ONLY when they’re above an alert level, which adapts to your surroundings after a button press. Now you can be aware of sounds like a door knock, phone call, announcement, car honk, or someone trying to get your attention. You won’t know SoundBrake is there while it’s not alerting you.

SoundBrake 2.0 - Stay alerted to outside sounds when listening music

SoundBrake 2.0 – Easy-to-use device

It is really very easy to install the SoundBrake 2.0

Connect SoundBrake

Plug SoundBrake into your headphones and audio player

Press The Large Sample Button

The button will illuminate for three seconds while SoundBrake listens to your surroundings with its microphone. After the button light turns off, SoundBrake has created an alert level.

Adjust The Alert Level

The five different levels are all about setting the sensitivity base on the sample sound.

That is all. So easy is the using of SoundBrake. You will hear outside sounds steamed in when they are louder than the alert level you select.

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SoundBrake 2.0 – Features

  • No impact on audio quality
  • Works with any headphones and audio player
  • Simple adjustment
  • Works with wireless headphones
  • Rechargeable battery

SoundBrake adds a layer of safety to outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, or running. Don’t miss out on hearing a car honking at you or someone shouting about an impending danger.


SoundBrake 2.0 is now on Kickstarter starting at just $29. If you like this device, feel free to choose one at a low price while it’s still available.

Designer: Sundae Electronics

All images and video via Sundea Electronics / Kickstarter

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