The 5 Great New Apps For Your Phone

Welcome at the start of our series about new apps for your phone. Each week we will look for the best new or free apps you should try to use on your phone.



currently app

Share your life updates or stories with your friends. Create one-minute long update, tell a funny story and then send the audio clip to your family or friend. Or reply back to friends wave.




Squeeze is a smart personal finance app. Track and categorize your spendings, save money, reduce debt or use the consumer’s comparison pricing on the recurring bills. Squeeze is the first application of its kind that offers the price comparison model.


Self Control

self control app

Download this iPhone app and stop wasting your time on the internet. Self Control is a tool that blocks distracting websites on Safari browser.



aura meditation app

The app for everyone who needs to slow down. Relieve stress and anxiety with 3-minute mindfulness meditations created by the top meditation therapists.



squad app

Create your squad and add friends from your contacts or by username. Shake up the squad to get live on-demand status updates from your closest groups of friends. Add your status with text, photo & more!


What do you think? Let us know your opinion on Facebook, share your favorite one with friends or give us a tip for some cool app.


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