Level up your VR experience with VRDL360 Camera

The VRDL360 camera is the latest and trendiest gadget for photographers and travelers alike.


The VRDL360 camera is the latest and trendiest gadget for photographers and travelers alike. It is a combination of virtual reality camera with 7K photo, 3K video, live streaming and instant sharing.

VRDL360 offers the user lot of key features that make it a must-have camera for travelers, photography and video enthusiasts. This small camera uses two 16-megapixel sensors developed by Sony and a pair of f/2 lenses. This allows capturing still photos up to 7000 x 3500 pixels and 3K (3072 x 1536) videos at 30FPS. Each lens is made of 9 elements in 8 groups and features non-sphere glass, making it easier to focus on any subject.

Level up your VP experience with VRDL360 Camera

A great feature of VRDL360 camera is the option to live stream to Facebook and YouTube without downsampling the footage. This means that the user can shoot spherical live broadcast at the 3K resolution. The device is paired with a powerful app that is a hub for user-generated content allowing you to instantly customize videos and photos and share them with other people.

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The VRDL360 app allows you to join and explore the many users who share their content just as you would discover user-curetted photos and videos on your Instagram’s Explore tab. The app is powered by a powerful algorithm that curates the content of users who opt-in by selecting “Share via VRDL360 Cloud” before posting their photos and videos to their favorite social media network. This allows your 360 VR photos and videos to be seen by users all over the world.

The VRDL360 camera launched on Indiegogo on June 12 and is already reached its funding goal. Early backers can get the camera for a $99 pledge – the retail market price will be $215. The expected delivery in September 2017.

Designer: VR Dongli

All images via VR Dongli/Indiegogo

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