Zolo Liberty+ Earphones Are Totally Wireless


Anker is a very innovative worldwide company, offering us massive lineups of Apple accessories, audio tech and more, but it has also expanded itself. They are launching a brand new audio brand, Zolo. And the Zolo Liberty+ truly wireless earbuds are the first of the products that have just launched.

The decision of Apple company to remove a headphone jack in the new iPhone has brought a lot of criticism for one simple reason. The headphone jacks are working. There is no pairing and re-pairing, no worry about how much longer the batteries in your earbuds will last. The Liberty+ is here to change that. The wireless earphones want to make a perfect mix of great sound quality, comfort fit, ultimate pairing option and longer battery life.


The sound performance is improved thanks to the Graphene, a lab-created nanosheet with 100 times the hardness of steel with a fraction of the weight. Applying the Graphene to a dynamic driver will create a noticeable improvement in the sound quality – superior sound across the entire frequency spectrum with an enhancement for treble and overall clarity.

Zolo Liberty+ Earphones

Comfort and Fit

The in-ear comfort of Liberty+ is reached thanks to eartips designed from liquid-silicon. They are softer, more pliable and slide gently into any ear.

The task of inserting total-wireless earphones has turned listening pleasure into arduous frustration. And once they’re finally in, it can still feel like a gentle breeze might pull them out. To create an instant, rock-solid fit we developed GripFit technology; exclusively for Liberty+. With its innovatively designed casing, Liberty+ slide in then twist to create an exceedingly secure yet comfortable hold.


Zolo Liberty+ Earphones Are Totally Wireless


The Zolo Liberty+ is using the same wireless communication technology as drones and satellites. The technology is known as an LDS antenna. Integrated into the earphone body it offers a stronger connection that will help to stream the music flawlessly, without drops or skips. This all up to 10m range.

With Liberty+ using such cutting-edge hardware, it is essential that the software is intuitive and effortless to use—both on iOS and Android. Using some innovative coding and a huge amount of patience, we have streamlined Liberty+’s pairing process down to 2 simple steps: Push and Go. After the initial pairing, Liberty+ will automatically connect to your phone as soon as you remove them from the case.

Battery Life

Zolo Liberty+ wireless earphones are integrated with innovative Li-ion cells and power management systems – Anker is leading company in portable power. This may increase the playtime of the earphones up to 48 hours.


  • Graphene Driver
  • Enhanced LDS Antenna
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Waterproof
  • Sound isolation
  • Voice-controlled smart AI with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant
  • 48 hours playtime



The Zolo Liberty+ is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $99 and the mass production and shipping is scheduled for October 2017.

Designer: Zolo

All images and video via Zolo/Kickstarter

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