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We are living in a great time. Surrounded by amazing and clever technology that can radically help in your life. And the future. The future is now, right? We mean you can find many inventions that all are proof we are living in the future. We made a list of inventions (crazy or clever) that all are seriously futuristic.   

Just look at these gadgets.


Instant translation on your phone

Travel around the world and never get lost. Translate instantly the written text around you with this app.

gif via imgur 


Control your electronics with your gestures

Control your electronics with the Myo’s Gesture Control Armband. Myo reads your muscle activity so you can control your favorite software with gestures and motion.

gif via bestebookreaders

You can order Myo on Amazon.


Know when the bathroom is occupied

This smart glass changes based on the position of the lock, so you can easily know if someone is in the room.


via reddit /u/ jdk


Beer delivered by a drone

The president of Lakemaid beer had an awesome idea. A drone that delivers beer. They tested it and we hope that sending a small package with an automated drone could be a reality in a few years.


Throw your garbage and the Smart Trashcan know where it falls.


via the-digital-reader


See what’s in your fridge without opening it

Do you know this feeling? You are hungry, you are opening the fridge and there is nothing. Eliminate that experience with the BioRobot Fridge. It is filled with a cooling green gel, so you can see what is inside.


image via flickr /u/ Electrolux Design Lab


Ride in a car without a driver

The Google is developing a car that will get you where you need to go without a driver.

via pakwheels


The timer on the traffic light

This traffic light lets you know just how much time you have got left.



via yankodesign


Ads interact with their surroundings

The billboard with ultrasonic sensors is monitoring the train’s arrival and then triggering the girl’s blowing hair.

gif via citylab


Learn to cook without burning anything

A cooking simulator. Instead of cooking with a food you can simulate it.



gif via izismile