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Here we collect some cool and new inventions from Kickstarter. Today we have a unique measuring spoon for your kitchen, selfly drone or a self-balancing scooter from the inventor of Hovertrax. Check out this list and find which one is better for you.



5. SELFLY Camera – The smart flying camera

selfly mini dronw

SELFLY, an autonomous flying camera which doubles as a phone case, wants to help selfie lovers take their photos to new heights. Using the power of smartphones, SELFLY is essentially a remote camera that can be snapped off your phone case and autonomously flies to capture amazing memories. Launching on Kickstarter, SELFLY aims to bring the device into mass production so that everyone can carry SELFLY in their pocket and capture any moment, from any angle. Visit Kickstarter.


4. Solowheel Iota | A new self-balancing mini personal e-vehicle

solowheel iota

Solowheel Iota is a crossed version of Chen’s two highly acclaimed products, the Hovertrax and Solowheel. Iota is a like an hoverboard cut in half, bounded both ends to form a single wheel-ish device with standing pedals. This new hover-ish self-balancing scooter can run up to eight miles and can be charged for 40 minutes only. Kickstarter


3. QuickShoeLace

quickshoelace review

A one-handed lacing system. This concept uses a stretchable show lace that binds footwear quickly then is clipped securely on one side. Read more about QuickShoeLace.


2. Polygons – The Flat 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon

polygons spoon

Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs. Kickstarter


1. The biēm Butter Sprayer

The biēm Butter Sprayer

Using a real stick of butter, this handheld device morphs the solid into a spray in just seconds, giving you a steady beam. Great for prepping pots and pans or adding a bit of flavor to your dishes, the biēm is ergonomic and easy to use. Visit official site.