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Traveling is same as reading books. It gives you time to think, ideate, observe and learn new things – culture, history, food. Traveling is an experience like no other. You get to experience smells, sounds, colors, food, music, dancing, scenery, people, culture, art, nature, friendship, love, spiritualism, religion. Travel is important because it fundamentally transforms us.

When you get to the wanted destination, the first inclination may be to unplug and have fun. We found some tech accessories that can help make the travel more safe, unique and enjoyable.

Smart Luggage

Bluesmart One

Bluesmart One carry-on has many smart features, such as the ability to lock your bag from your phone, weigh itself, charge your USB devices and has a built-in location tracker. The last one is a really useful feature. The built-in GPS shows you where your luggage is anywhere in the world. Bluesmart One, available at Amazon.


Relax during a flight


Ostrich Pillow is specially designed to make sleeping in public easier. The feel of this pillow is hard to explain. It is like little micro-balls inside. Very, very soft and light. This original pillow isolates the head and the hands comfortably, so you are able to replenish and relax. Ostrich Pillow, available at Amazon.


Portable Safe

safego portable safe

SAFEGO is a durable and portable safe that’s perfect for keeping valuables locked away no matter where you go. It’s big enough to fit a couple of phones, wallets, and some sunglasses, and you can use either the combination lock or a key to open it. SAFEGO, available at Amazon.


A multi-purpose travel router

HooToo TripMate Elite Wireless Router

HooToo TripMate Elite will help you to convert a wired network to wireless. A perfect tool to the hotel room. It can bridge an existing wireless network and create your own, secure Wi-Fi network. This mini travel router is also a 6000mA power bank that can charge most smartphones 2 times. HooToo TripMate Elite, available at Amazon.


Power converter

BESTEK 200W Converter

If there’s one thing that Bestek knows, it’s power. The Bestek Voltage Converter is compact enough that you could slip it into your pocket but complete enough to provide the full suite of power options you need. It has a transformer inside that converts any voltage in the range of 90 to 220V and produce a clean 110V supply. Bestek Voltage Converter, available at Amazon. 


All-in-one tool

Wallet Ninja

Having an all-in-one tool is a great idea, like the Swiss Army knife, could be your best friend when traveling. But taking a knife to the airplane is a big problem these days. If you are looking for something simple and unique, the Wallet Ninja may be a perfect choice for your next trip. The Wallet Ninja is travel accessory with 18 tools in one, the size of a credit card and TSA-approved for carrying on. Wallet Ninja, available at Amazon.


Stay always in touch


Go exploring but stay connected, when it matters the most. goTenna has been designed to keep Android or iOS devices connected even when there is no cellular service. This device can use your iOS or Android phone to send texts and share GPS locations even when you are in a location without cell coverage or wifi availability. goTenna, available at Amazon.


Solar-Powered Inflatable Light

LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light

If you are looking for a smart and sustainable source of light for your next exploration, the LuminAID can be a solution for you. Just after 6-7 hours of charging in the sun, this inflatable lamp produces up to 16 hours of LED light. Waterproof, portable, waterproof, and weighs around 56 grams. LuminAID, available at Amazon.


Personal Water Filter

Personal Water Filter

Having a LifeStraw Personal Water Filter at hand when you are on your adventure, provides you with access to clean, safe drinking water in the event of a natural disaster or survival situation. No pumping, no moving parts, no waiting for gravity to work: just insert the end in a water source and suck. LifeStraw uses the same hollow tube technology as full-size water filters, resized for personal use or for your emergency kit. When you’re done drinking, simply blow residual water out and replace the end-caps. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, available at Amazon.


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