AMPware Crank Case – Mobile Power In Your Hands

AMPware Crank Case – Durable Case With Manual Power Generator

What does the AMPware Case?

It gives you emergency, backup power. But it is not in the way you would expect it. Instead of just being rechargeable, like any other battery case has a hand crank in it.

Human generated power.

Two minutes of cranking with AMPware will allow for an emergency call, from a dead battery. And ten minutes of cranking, up to two hours of regular use. However, actual power generation and battery life may vary depending on user cranking and device usage. Cranking fast makes more power than cranking slowly. If you keep the green light on the back of the case glowing consistently, then you are charging as fast as a wall charger.

Crank faster and longer for more battery life.

Battery life is one of the most important aspects for smartphones users. You have always got power, as long as you got your little crank and your arm.
Ain´t it cool?

How does the technology work?

The case has a slim generator inside that charges your phone when you crank the handle. The generator connects to the phone through the 8-pin port.

This technology is much more powerful than solar charging cases. Solar charging needs a large surface and direct sunlight to generate useful power. This can be useful for “spot charging” when you are traveling or when other power sources are unavailable.


This is an efficient way to charge your phone and this is the best way when you are on the go and need to charge the phone right away. When you have no other option you can always count on having your phone charged. No more caring cables and chargers around with you everywhere you go. With this technology, we have the opportunity to charge anything, anytime, anywhere in the world.





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