The Another 8 Best Songs for Testing Your Headphones or Speakers

A new pair of headphones is a wonderful thing, especially if they’re well-reviewed and you know they’ll sound great. However, the only ears that matter are yours. How do you go about testing a new pair of headphones to make sure they sound just right?

After a great success of article 8 Best songs for testing your headphones, we have been decided to give you another 8 great songs for better testing your new speakers/headphones.

Led Zeppelin: “Whole Lotta Love”

On excellent audio equipment, you will notice an echo throughout the whole song, not just on the part where Robert Plant sings, “Woman, you need love.” And, if the speakers are set up really correctly, allowing you to position yourself midway between them, essentially forming the peak of an imaginary equilateral triangle, the song’s trippy soundboard sound effect will begin to circle your head, demonstrating the magic of proper channel separation.

Check out the stretch between 3:00 and 3:15 in this YouTube video of the song.


The Eagles – “Hotel California (Live Version)”

The excellent drum beat along with the guitar. Look for this in the very beginning. It should sound crisp. The live audience adds depth to the track. A good speaker will bring realism to this live recording.


Fun – “Some Nights”

Amazing vocals through 0:34. After that, deep kick drum. Listen for the mid to low bass note at 1:13. Great way to check the range of the system. Excellent speakers should be able to keep up with all notes in this track.

video source: Fueled By Ramen

Queensryche – “Silent Lucidity”

This rock track has a nice variety of elements that will test speakers. The beginning vocals should sound nice and crisp. The guitar picking should sound crisp. The guitar should sound crisp and should never get lost on the track. Around the 2:00-minute mark you’ll want to hear the chorus of voices sound clear. What I like about this track is that it tests all levels of the speakers. It’ll go from quiet to a full-blown roar of sound.

video source: emimusic


Bruce Hornsby – “Every Little Kiss”

This track should sound crisp with the piano, guitar, and Bruce Hornsby’s vocals. The midbass should sound smooth. Towards the end of the track, you should hear some separations of left and right with the instruments.

video source: BruceHornsbyVEVO


B.O.B – “Outkast”

This track is a must. The drums and highs of this track will make you bang your head. If your head doesn’t bop, then you need to pack your headphones and send them back.

video source: OutkastVEVO


Firestarter “Prodigy”

This is a crazy track that will have your head and headphones spinning. Sounds coming out of nowhere. It is sick, but a superior headphone tester. 

video source: The Prodigy


However, the only ears that matter are yours. How do you go about testing a new pair of headphones to make sure they sound just right?

If for personal use, the answer is a time-honored one:

1) Put on music that you really like and know well.
2) Put on headphones
3) Listen and evaluate: does it sound the way you want it to?





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