Are TOPTRO and Yaber Projectors Any Good?

When searching for a budget projector for daily entertainment, you definitely saw any of the TOPTRO projectors. And they have lots of great reviews. Yes, you mostly see 4.3+ start ratings.

Similar to Yaber, even TOPTRO has a lot of budget projector with an above-average rating. Mostly from people who are looking for a cheap projector for their home.

Such people don’t want high-end models from Optoma or ViewSonic, they don’t want to buy a projector that costs over 500 dollars. In most cases, they are buying their first projector.

They want to taste the new home entertainment option and don’t need the high-end features of an expensive projector.

That’s why brands like TOPTRO or Yaber have lots of sales and satisfied customers. They attract people who need simple, yet good performing projector for their indoor or outdoor entertainment.

And honestly, those two brands will not disappoint them.

TOPTRO and Yaber have a pretty good selection of projectors at a price around of $300. Projectors with surprisingly good quality and with features you will find in more expensive models from well-known brands.

Just take a simple look at the specifications of TOPTRO TR81 or Yaber Y21. A native 1080p resolution, 4K Ultra HD support, 50° 4D (vertical & horizontal) keystone correction, built-in speakers, high brightness, bulb lifespan of 50,000+ hours.

This is all you need for daily entertainment. And you can get it for a price of around $250.

Sounds awesome, right.

And in fact, it is.

You don’t need an expensive LED projector for the average home theater system. All you need a good picture quality, average brightness, and silent fans.

That’s why models like TOPTRO TR82, TR81 or Yaber Y31, or Yaber Y30 are so popular. They really deliver all that you need for good home entertainment.

The only tricky fact is that many of these projectors have a huge value of brightness in the product description.  You will see a value of 7500L, 7200L, and so on.  But it is important to know, even this is a value for brightness, that we are not speaking about ANSI lumens. 

ANSI lumens are the standard norm for brightness, however, many cheap projectors are using only lumens. So, if you see those cheap projectors with 7200L, it means, it has only around 1200-1500 ANSI lumens. Confusing, but not bad. If it is for a home theater, then you should start at 1500 lumens no matter the other factors.

Whether you want to watch your favorite movies outside under the stars or simply want a fun new option for your home theater setup, a 1080p projector around $300 can take your movie nights to the next level.

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