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Let’s face it. When you buy a new smartphone, do you check which charger port it has? The wars between smartphone developers lead us into a situation where a lot of the phones has a different sort of charging port. For the most of us, this does not matter, until we need to borrow a charger.

Need to charge your iPhone but your friend has only the charger for his Samsung? Typical situation. Until a universal port is chosen, the solution can be cross-device cables.


This is where the ASAP X-connect adapter comes into the picture. A safe, convenient and simple magnetic adapter that can be used on all your mobile devices. Simple and effective, two important words. All you need to do is to insert the ASAP X-connect tip into the port of our phone, attach it to your existing USB cable and it is done. The adapter will magnetically connect when placed near the tip.

ASAP X-connect - This Cross-Device Magnetic Adapter Is All You Need

X-connect works for all Android and Apple devices. You can select one of the 3 magnetic connector tips to fit all 3 major connector types today for all mobile phones, tablets and USB devices.

X-Connect Adapter: the world’s first magnetic adapter that converts your USB cable including, Apple (Lightning) or Android (micro USB or Type C) into a magnetic cable that will be compatible with all modern mobile device types. With 18K gold plated connectors and the world’s strongest N52 grade neodymium magnets, these adapters are capable of fast charge and data transfer.

What makes the X-Connect so awesome is its unique bevelled and concave magnetic connector design (on the tip and adapter) and strong neodymium magnets. It offers you seamlessly connection every time, even if the tip is flipped 180°. The X-Connect Adapter features a reversible magnetic connection which means instant connection every single time. The magnetic tips will also protect your phone port from dirt and dust.



  • Alpha tip for Apple devices
  • Micro USB tip for Android devices
  • USB-C tip for Android devices
  • Gold plated spring pins
  • Smart circuit board
  • Instant connection every single time
  • 2x N52 grade neodymium magnets


The project is currently up on Indiegogo, check it out or back it there.

Designer: Vinson Leow [Indiegogo]


All images via  Vinson Leow/Indiegogo