The 5 Best Fast Food Near Me Apps For Android and iPhone

You are hungry, but you don’t feel like cooking. No one wants to cook all of the time. Some days, you just want to go out and try someplace new.

Whether you are in a new city or just want to find new fast food near your location to stop being hungry quickly. There is always something interesting worth to discover.

But, honestly, some restaurants and fast foods are really bad. You don’t want to ruin your day with horrible food, you should avoid these places. How, when you are on a go and in a district you don’t even know.

Fortunately, we have Android devices and there is a myriad of good apps out there to help you find nearest restaurants or fast food in your location. We listed 5 of the best fast food near me apps for your Android phone, tablet or iPhone.



where to get food near me with Yelp

Download: Android / iOS
Price: Free

Our first pick is a no-brainer, but we should mention it. Founded in 2004 by Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp is a hugely popular online database for discovering local businesses ranging from restaurants, fast foods, bars, and cafes to spas, hairdressers, or gas stations.

You can search Yelp via the website or with the official Yelp Android app in your smart device. There are quick categories that show you the best results, for example, nearest fast food restaurants to you and these results are spiced up with up-to-date reviews from other users. Listings on Yelp are also sorted by business type and the search results can be filtered by price range, location, delivery service, and other useful features. You can even use a filter in these apps, to search terms such as 24-hour fast food near me, or fast food open near me.

Yelp does a fantastic job with showing you menus, price ranges, and photos submitted by real users. Some restaurants even allow you to make a food delivery right through Yelp or make reservations.



Google Maps

Google Maps app for Android iOS

Download: Android / iOS
Price: Free

Although Yelp is still the most used app for finding restaurants closest to you, Google Maps will soon be a king in this category. Google is perfecting its search functions, adding new features and with a fact that this app is already preinstalled in each Android device, there is a huge chance that Google Maps will be most used business discovery app on a phone.

Just think about it! Google Maps is without a doubt the world´s most accurate mapping service, offering real-time information and expanding database of points of interest that includes even restaurants and fast food places. This app also includes reviews from relevant and trusted sources such as TripAdvisor, shows you actual photos, and users reviews.

Just try it yourself. Enter the name of the restaurant near you and it will show you a detailed map with actual images, reviews, opening hours and much more. You can even choose the way you would like to travel – by car, public transport or on foot.



TripAdvisor app for Android iOS


Download: Android / iOS
Price: Free

A huge database of user reviews and a clean and easy to use interface makes Trip Advisor a must-have travel app to download for your Android phone. TripAdvisor app is showing you contact details and addresses for hotels, restaurants, and various attractions, it also gives you an opportunity to see real travelers’ reviews which can help you with the final decision. You can also check its forum to read the advice of other travelers about the destination you want to visit. The app even lets you save pages for these establishments (so you can find them again faster) and there is also a built-in flight checker.


Foursquare City Guide

Foursquare City Guide for Android


Download: Android / iOS
Price: Free

Foursquare is still a thing. The app gives you various information about places in a community of Foursquare City Guide users. It is still a great tool for finding new places to eat. The app is using your device’s GPS to check your location and find places where to get food near you. The more you use the Foursquare City Guide app, the more it knows about the places you like to go, so next time it will recommend more similar places you will probably like too.

With the help of its global community, recommendations are sorted by people who have been in places you are interested in and left ratings and reviews. This is the same principle as with other location discovery apps like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and others, where the recommendations are shared by real users.



Zomato app for Android and iPhone

Download: Android / iOS
Price: Free

Zomato is possibly the ultimate application for the foodie! Previously known as Urbanspoon, this app is one of the most popular ways to find good restaurants, cafes, bars, and fast foods. Zomato can identify your location and offers the nearest fast food or restaurant in the area, with reviews from real users, actual menu, contact details, all that in a user-friendly interface. It´s time to use your smartphone for finding tasty food.


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