The 10 Best GoPro Gimbals and Stabilizers Of 2024

After considering over 26 products, we think the EVO GP-PRO is the best GoPro gimbal in 2024. This multi-functional stabilizer offers 4 modes, a little thumb joystick, and high torque motors for fantastic stable performance. Other interesting options for most people are Removu S1 and FeiyuTech G6

Best GoPro Gimbals And Stabilizers (2024)

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Experts recommend multi-functional stabilizers and the EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis gimbal is one of them.

From the 4 modes, the little thumb joystick, and high torque motors for fantastic stable performance it seems EVO has thought of everything possible to deliver the best possible for both camera imagery and user experience.

The EVO GP-PRO is made to last with its robust Aircraft Grade CNC Aluminium body adaptable to any situation. Designed to be compatible with the GoPro Hero cameras, but it is also compatible with other action cameras of similar size.

Oh, gimbals. The magic device that makes your average footage look beautiful.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or just an enthusiast, you must have heard about GoPro. An almost perfect action camera.

GoPro is more than just a camera, it is an idea that you can have a compact low-cost yet still very high-quality HD crash cam. A camera cheap enough to put in places or situations that might destroy it, and good enough to be worth using.

Simply put, GoPro is an action camera of choice as it is compact, lightweight, and mountable. It can capture videos and photos in high-definition through a wide-angle lens and can be remotely controlled or set up to work automatically.

Now you have a great action camera, have the skill, fantastic shooting range, and… And you are still unable to capture the perfect shot.


What´s wrong?

Try a gimbal or stabilizer. Regardless you are a pro or an amateur, vibrations, and shakes of the camera can ruin your captures. Video stabilization is one of the key elements and taking a shake-free, smooth video with GoPro camera requires a quality gimbal.

To save you time, we have searched for the best gimbals and stabilizers on the market. Our main criteria were: construction quality, weight, features, and price.


CONSTRUCTION – Safety, stability, and durability. All these features should have a good GoPro gimbal – even the cheap one. The construct quality gives you more support and stability for your camera which results in smoother video footage.

THE NUMBER OF AXIS – The newest gimbals usually have a 3-axis that is better for controlling the camera position and recording smoother video footage. Many companies also offer 2-axis units and even a single-axis can be found on cheap GoPro stabilizers. To be honest, the number of axis you should use depends only on your video shooting style or the action you want to capture. But for stabilizing shots in motion, there’s nothing better than a 3 axis gimbal.

COMPATIBILITY – Some gimbals are designed only for certain types of cameras. Be sure to find out if your selected stabilizer will work with your device.

WEIGHT OF THE CAMERA – Be sure you know your camera´s weight. Different types of gimbal stabilizers support different weights. It is also always a good idea to buy a lightweight stabilizer because you will hold not only the camera but also the gimbal in your hands.

Investment into the GoPro gimbal can be difficult. There are plenty of models to choose from but not all of them offer the same results. So, it is important to keep in mind different criteria that your preferred product must have. We have collected the 10 best GoPro gimbals and stabilizers for 2024.

Let’s jump to the list.


The Official Roxant Pro

Official Roxant PRO Video Camera StabilizerWEIGHT: 1.83 lbs (0.8 kg) 

COMPATIBILITY: GoPro, Canon, Nikon, or any other DSLR, SLR cam


BATTERY LIFE: No battery 


OTHER: LIFETIME Support + FREE Video Training Tutorials

The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO has solid stability, a customizable lower arm and is made out of material to ensure there is no slip. The handle is comfortable and includes three counterweights for precise adjustment and balance. This stabilizer is used in tight places such as cars, buses, and crowds while walking or running.

ROXANT Pro is for people who think that the stabilizer is worth the investment at just around $70. Yes, it is cheap, simple, and most important ROXANT will make your handheld video shots better. Supports DSLRs, Smartphones, GoPros, Video Cameras, and other video and photography devices.

FOR: Price  Easy to use and setup

AGAINST: Take some time learning how to balance it

GoPro 3-Way Grip

GoPro 3-Way
GoPro 3-Way credit:

WEIGHT: 7 ounces (0.2 kg)

COMPATIBILITY: All GoPro cameras


BATTERY LIFE: No battery


OTHER: 3-in-One design, Waterproof

This hybrid selfie stick for GoPro can be used in three configurations. You can use the GoPro 3-Way Grip as a tripod, like a camera grip or just an extension arm.

Low price, sturdy design, and easy to grip even with gloves on. These are the main reasons why to buy the GoPro 3-Way Grip. This GoPro accessory is sweat and waterproof which makes it ideal for use around or in the water.

FOR: Price 3-in-One design – grip, arm, tripod

AGAINST: The tripod needs a little more stability


Feiyu Tech G4-QD 

Feiyu Tech G4-QD wearable gimbal
Feiyu Tech G4-QD credit:

WEIGHT: 1 lb (0.45 kg)

COMPATIBILITY: GoPro Hero 3/3+, Hero 4, other similar size action cameras


BATTERY LIFE: 10-12 hours


OTHER: 320 Degree Pan/Tilt Rotation, 100 Degree Roll Rotation

Fantastic edition from Feiyu. This brand knows how to make a good GoPro gimbal. The G4-QD is similar to its older version G3, but all the upgrades really make the newer version stand out. The Feiyu Tech G4-QD is extremely easy to use once you set it up.

Compatible with all GoPro and other sports cameras of similar size, it gives you 320-degree pan/tilt rotation along with 100-degree rotation. All that for super smooth flowing motions. If you are on the hunt for a good handheld Gimbal, then you should try the Feiyu G4 3-Axis.

FOR: Easy to use  Quick dismantling is very convenient  Stability is great

AGAINST: Limited motion  A little heavy

Hohem 3 Axis Stabilizer

Hohem 3 Axis Stabilizer
Hohem 3 Axis Stabilizer credit:

WEIGHT: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)

COMPATIBILITY: GoPro Hero 5/4/3, Yi Cam 4K, AEE Sports Cams




OTHER: Built-in Bluetooth 4.0, 5-way joystick

The Hohem 3 Axis Stabilizer is a versatile, lightweight, durable and easy-to-use unit compatible with the GoPro Hero series, YI Cam, and many other similar action cameras. After a quick and simple one-click installation, you will enjoy its 3-axis full 360-degree precision ideal for extreme activities like skiing, snowboarding, biking, skydiving and more.

The full aluminum alloy nicely tolerates vibrations, and impacts, regulates the use and mishandling. With this handheld GoPro gimbal stabilizer, you could definitely film the footage perfectly without any shaking movement.

FOR: All Metal construction  Rechargeable  Motor is completely silent  Fits most regular action cams

AGAINST: GoPro Sessions or similar cams will not fit

FeiyuTech G5

Feiyu Tech G5 gimbal
Feiyu Tech G5 credit:

WEIGHT: 2.65 lbs (1.2 kg)

COMPATIBILITY: GoPro Hero 6 /5 /4 /3 /Session, Yi Cam 4K, AEE action cameras of similar size




OTHER: Waterproof IP67 

The Feiyu Tech G5 is one of the best gimbals on the market and it deserves to be there. It is easy to use, provides awesome stabilization, and has a long battery life of 8 hours – you can even charge your camera with the gimbal battery.

Basically, all you need from a good GoPro gimbal. With Feiyu Tech G5, you get a waterproof stabilizer compatible with most of the recent cameras, and an excellent alternative to GoPro’s official Karma Grip.

FOR: High-end all-metal design  Excellent stabilization

AGAINST: Sometimes loses direction


EVO GP-pro 3 Axis handheld GoPro gimbal

EVO GP-Pro 3 Axis Handheld GoPro Gimbal
EVO GP-PRO credit:

WEIGHT: 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg)

COMPATIBILITY: GoPro Hero 3 / 4 / 5, Session versions, Garmin Virb Ultra 30, YI 4K & 4K+, SJCAM4000-7000




OTHER: 4-way joystick, high torque motors, 3.5mm AV Out

Evo GP-PRO is another one of the most famous GoPro stabilizers on the market today. This new generation of camera equipment allows you to shoot smoother video with its 3 axes of stabilization. You can easily mount your camera on it and shoot shake-free videos without spending the time to learn how to do it.

An awesome addition is the 3.5mm AV output which allows you to view the videos on an external monitor. The EVO GP PRO 3 axis GoPro Gimbal is loved for its simplicity, long battery life, and overall quality. An ideal choice for both beginners and professional filmmakers.

FOR: Great value  Fantastic stabilization  Several stabilized modes  Premium build quality

AGAINST: Audio problems with Hero 5

GoPro Karma Grip

official GoPro Camera Karma Grip
GoPro Camera Karma Grip credit:

WEIGHT: 1 lb (0.45 kg)

COMPATIBILITY: GoPro Hero 3 / 4 / Hero 6 Black/Hero 5 Black


BATTERY LIFE: 3-4 hours


OTHER: Built-in camera controls

The Karma Grip is the first official 3-axis gimbal from GoPro company for their famous action cameras. It delivers super smooth video when you are moving around, is easy to use, and has decent battery life. The Karma Grip is designed for capturing sports, so you can hand-carry it, mount it on your helmet or any other item, and you get still stable footage. This is the biggest advantage over most of the competitors.

Regardless of how the grip is mounted or hand-carried, the footage is extremely stable. If you are looking for an effective way how to capture awesome videos of your adventures, or just take your filming to the next level, you should consider investing in GoPro Karma Grip.

FOR: Minimal noise from gimbal motors  Quick release frame  Start/Stop recording with a button on gimbal

AGAINST: Short battery life

EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal

EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal
EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal credit:

WEIGHT: 2 lbs (0.9 kg)

COMPATIBILITY: GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4 Black/Silver, Hero5 Black, Hero6 Black Garmin Virb Ultra 30, YI 4K/4K+, SJ4000/SJ5000




OTHER: 650 Pan, Tripod compatible, motion time-lapse

The EVO SS 3 axis wearable gimbal is another premium gimbal allowing you to shoot silky-smooth videos with your action camera. Several stabilization modes, the ability to set the tilt angle of the camera manually, and the turn-back mode are the biggest advantages of the EVO SS. But the key element of this gimbal is its versatility.

The SS includes a 3.5mm AV audio/video output port ideal for an external monitor as well as offering a standard 1/4-20″ female thread in case you want to use it with the telescoping extension pole (part of the standard package).

What’s more, the EVO SS is designed to extend your GoPro’s battery life. In terms of usage, it is easy to connect and disconnect with GoPro as well.

FOR: Great 3-Axis Stabilization  Extend GoPro’s Battery Life (2x)  Easy Attachment

AGAINST: Too Expensive

FeiyuTech G6

Feiyu G6 WEIGHT: 2.99 lbs (1.35 kg)

COMPATIBILITY: GoPro Hero 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 and Xiaomi Yi action camera


BATTERY LIFE: 12 hours


OTHER: Splash and snowy weather acceptable

An improvement of the previous F5 version. The Feiyu G6 is a splashproof gimbal with a 3-Axis stabilization and fantastic battery life. You can expect up to 12 hours of running time on a single charge. What´s more, the F6 gives you excellent overall performance and intuitive controls.

FOR: Great price  Long battery life

AGAINST: The app isn’t top-notch


REMOVU S1 3-Axis Gimbal

REMOVU S1 3-Axis Gimbal credit:

WEIGHT: 2.55 lbs (1.1 kg)

COMPATIBILITY: GoPro HERO6, HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, Session, HERO4, HERO3+ and 3 |


BATTERY LIFE: 4-5 hours


OTHER: Rainproof design

The last entry on our list is the Removu S1. A weatherproof 3-axis gimbal that definitely helps you get rock-steady footage from your GoPro. Compatible with the GoPro Hero 3/3+, Hero 4, Hero 5 and Session models, this gimbal stabilizer is loaded with technology and packed with features. You are also free to mount it without its grip – you can have shake-free footage even when helmet- or chest-mounted.

Regardless, if you are a video blogger who wants to get a steady video while walking or an action sports enthusiast who needs stabilizing its footage while performing their kind of sport, the Removu S1 does what it promises.

FOR: Steady footage  Versatile array of GoPro mounts  Solid rain-proof construction

AGAINST: Slow follow mode  Distracting motor noise

How To Choose The Best GoPro Gimbals And Stabilizers

With so many options, it is a little tricky to find a gimbal that fits all your needs. Should you use a regular or advanced 3-axis version, with a remote control or without?

It all depends on your requirements and what you really want.

Nevertheless, there are some criteria to keep in mind, telling you about the most important facts you should know before you begin your search.

Weight Of The Camera – Different types of gimbal stabilizers support different weights. Be sure you know your camera’s weight. Buying a lightweight stabilizer is always a good idea.

Balance – Another element of your checklist should be balance. A key element, because is why you are searching for the gimbal. The GoPro has to be properly balanced depending on the surface you placed it or the action you are doing.

Motor – Always look for the best possible motor quality to ensure more safety to your camera as it rests on the stabilizer. It is also an important factor leading to better quality pictures and videos by giving you stability.

Construction – Stability, safety, and durability. All you should require is a good gimbal. Its high construct quality gives more support and stability to your GoPro camera which results in better pictures and video quality.

Design – The design is always subjective. When considering a gimbal stabilizer for your GoPro, you should keep in mind if you want a long or short handle. Yes, it depends on your needs and preferences, but you will probably want a longer stabilizer if your camera is heavy. Also important is the grip of the handle. Do you want a rubber, plastic, or foam? The handle must be comfortable to hold and do not slip in sweaty hands.

Battery – On average, the battery in a standard gimbal should last for 4-6 hours.

Read Next

Types of Handheld GoPro Gimbals

Your effort to improve video shooting quality is not dependent on one type of handheld gimbal. You can choose from manual devices, gimbals with motors, 2 or 3-axis models.

Non-Motorized Stabilizers – Control. This is why videomakers are using non-motorized stabilizers. You have much more control over the subtle movements of the camera. This type of stabilizer is ideal if you are tracking a moving object. Of course, it takes longer to learn how to operate as fast as making your camera movements look smooth.

Motorized Stabilizers – The biggest advantage over the non-motorized models is the setup. Once it is set up and balanced, you just use it and start shooting. The stabilizer will maintain the best shooting level, you just frame the shots.

Two vs 3-Axis Gimbal – The biggest factor that sets the 2-axis gimbal apart from 3-axis is the direction of the movements. The 2-axis gimbal works on a pitch and roll basis. It offers stability and support, but the camera moves only upwards and downwards. Compared to that 3-axis gimbal moves also from left to right.

The disadvantage of the 3-axis model is the weight and shorter battery life. Despite these shortcomings, stabilizers with 3-axis are the gold standard for smooth shots.

Should You Buy Gimbal Stabilizer For Your GoPro?

We are hoping you’re not overwhelmed because as you can see, there are a lot of important things to consider before buying the best GoPro gimbal. To put it simply, we recommend the EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal. It has a great rating and a good price for what it gives.

10 Tips for Filming with Stabilizers

In general, gimbals play a huge role in improving the quality of the videos you take. Even the cheapest model on this list will make smoother shots than just the camera alone.

Without hesitation, if you feel you want to take your video quality to a new level, you have to invest in GoPro gimbal.

Tips And Tricks To Become GoPro Master

The year 2004 was very important for adrenaline freaks all over the globe. This year, Nick Woodman sold his first GoPro. A portable and durable camera that can be attached to almost anything, and go anywhere. Since then, GoPro has become the go-to action camera for extreme sports. We are going to show you 4 tips (from to help you level up your video skills.

Find A New Angle – Different mounts can provide different views that can improve or even change the story you are capturing. A camera mounted on a bike helmet gets a view from the eyes of the rider, but a camera mounted on the bike to face back captures other riders behind you. Two different views, same moment.

Improve Video Quality With Filters – Filmmakers are utilizing a variety of different filters to improve the final version of videos. For more inspiration, play this video from Jeven Dovey.

Stability – Gimbals are amazing. They are exciting to use, and relatively easy to figure out, and they expand your filmmaking style and the types of shots you can acquire to countless degrees. For stationary shots, the best option is a tripod when it comes to stability. For shots in motion, there’s nothing better than a 3 axis gimbal. Don´t forget that video can also be stabilized in post-production using dedicated software – Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

Adjusting Camera Settings Manually – GoPro´s default settings are good enough to make great videos, but it is actually useful to try manual settings and push the limits. Here is a cool comparison GoPro video by MicBergsma.


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