Best Portable DVD Player For Kids To Buy In 2024

Unhappy kids can turn a brief trip into hell. This is why the introduction of portable DVD technology was a kind of miracle for many parents. You know, kids and screens… they have a special relationship. 

There is nothing surprising about the fact that portable DVD players are an extremely popular purchase for families with small children. These devices are great for traveling in the car, on trains, bus or even on plains.  

This article will focus on the best portable DVD player for kids and the various alternatives that are currently available on the market.

Best Portable DVD Players For Kids 2024

These product reviews will take customer feedback, price range, features, durability, and overall quality into account when analyzing each DVD player.

By the end of the review section, it is likely that you will have a better understanding of each type of player that is listed and you will probably have enough information to determine which product you would want to purchase. 

DBPOWER 10.5″ Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER 10.5" Portable DVD Player

SCREEN SIZE: 10.5 Inches | BATTERY: 4 Hours Lasting Time | WEIGHT: 3.5 Pounds | FORMATS SUPPORTED: CD, DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), VCD, SVCD, HDCD, CD-R(RW) 

The DBPOWER 10.5″ Portable DVD Player has earned the #1 position in this product review because it’s an exceptional high-end premium design that resonates with customers. This DVD player is available in Blue and Black and offers a wide variety of features that appeal to children of all ages. Long road trips will no longer be agonizing and boring with the addition of a high-quality DVD player like this one. 

There is a reason that this device is a best seller. That reason is that customers have continuously expressed that their children have visibly interacted and enjoyed this product. While this is true for pretty much every DVD player, the positive feedback ratio with this particular device is incredible. 

This is a great option for your children when looking to purchase an in-car DVD movie player. High-quality video resolution is accompanied by high audio quality and multiple supported formats in order to create one of the best in-car movie streaming experiences that is currently available. All of this is impressive and it only gets better when looking at the reasonable price range that this product is placed in. 

PROS: Multiple color selection • High-Quality screen resolution • Great customer feedback

CONS: Slightly High Price Range • Short Battery Life

ieGeek 11.5″ Portable DVD Player

ieGeek 11.5" Portable DVD Player
Credit: ieGeek

SCREEN SIZE: 11.5 Inches | BATTERY: 5 Hours Lasting Time | WEIGHT: 3 Pounds | FORMATS SUPPORTED: CD, DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), VCD, SVCD-R(RW), CD-R(RW)

The ieGeek 11.5″ Portable DVD Player is designed to be an affordable and easy-to-use device that is portable and also convenient for kids. There are dozens of regions and platforms supported and the screen outputs extraordinary video quality in order to meet the highest standards in the DVD player industry. 

The battery will last up to five hours which makes ieGeek a great portable DVD player for kids in cars during long road trips. It is a device that certainly belongs inside the top five on the market and it has rightfully earned its place among the five highest-reviewed DVD players in the industry. 

The affordable price range is a bonus on top of all of the other high-quality features that are equipped with this DVD player. This certainly makes for a great choice and you definitely will want to consider this product when looking to make a purchase. 

PROS: Respected brand • Great customer feedback • Amazon recommends this DVD player 

CONS: Audio stuttering • Speaker quality

UEME Portable DVD CD Player with 10.1 Inch LCD Screen

UEME Portable DVD CD Player with 10.1 Inch LCD Screen
Credit: UEME

SCREEN SIZE: 10.1 Inches | BATTERY: 6 Hours Lasting Time | WEIGHT: 2 Pounds | FORMATS SUPPORTED: CD, DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), VCD, SVCD, HDCD, CD-R(RW) 

The UEME Portable DVD CD Player with 10.1 Inch LCD screen has a lot to offer potential customers. There is a wide variety of features that can really help elevate this particular player to one of the best on the market. Plus the customer rating is exceptional because of the quality of this product. 

The setup process is extremely simple and easy and is perfect for kids in the car. The screen quality is crisp and supports nice resolutions. One nice feature that is integrated with this DVD player is the ability to pick up right where you left off before shutting the DVD player off. This means that kids can resume from the exact moment of pause before the power went off. 

For a great value, you can purchase the UEME Portable DVD CD Player for children in your household. They will not be disappointed. 

PROS: Great customer feedback • Easy for kids to use • High-quality screen resolution

CONS: Long term durability

FUNAVO 10.5″ Portable DVD Player with Headphone

FUNAVO 10.5" Portable DVD Player with Headphone
Credit: FUNAVO

SCREEN SIZE: 10.5 Inches | BATTERY: 5 Hours Lasting Time | WEIGHT: 3 Pounds | FORMATS SUPPORTED: CD, DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), VCD, SVCD, HDCD, CD-R(RW)

The FUNAVO 10.5″ is a great DVD player for long road trips and comes in two different colors, one blue for boys, and one a vibrant pink for girls. 

This DVD player is great for kids because it features a swivel screen and a carrying case. There are multiple inputs and outputs which make for a convenient watching experience. Customers have shown great appreciation to this product brand for its caring approach to designing a DVD player that checks off all of the right boxes. 

PROS: Two color sets (Blue and Pink for kids) • Full feature DVD Player with multiple formats

CONS: Slightly higher price 

COOAU 11.5″ Portable DVD Player

COOAU 11.5" Portable DVD Player
Credit: Amazon

SCREEN SIZE: 11.5 Inches | BATTERY: 5 Hours Lasting Time | WEIGHT: 3 Pounds | FORMATS SUPPORTED: CD, DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), VCD, SVCD, HDCD, CD-R(RW)

The COOAU 11.5″ Portable DVD Player has earned the position in this product review list because of its high-quality features. The swivel screen is great for kids and the device always remembers where it left off before the power goes off. There is also a gaming function that offers up to 180 fun games for kids to enjoy during long drives and road trips. 

PROS: Long battery life • 180 games Included (Gaming function) • Great customer feedback

CONS: Long term durability

Best Portable DVD Players For Kids Buying Guide And FAQs 

Although modern smartphones and tablets are turning into portable movie players, many people still want to watch their own DVD collection on the go.

Or you just need a way to keep your kids entertained in a car because you hate the words “Are we there yet?” – then a portable DVD player is a good idea. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Portable DVD Player

There are a number of different types of DVD players that you might want to consider for purchase. There is a collection of different features you might be looking for that could certainly make an impact on your final purchasing decision. Enough said, before you buy a children’s portable DVD player for car, there are a few things you should think about.

TYPE OF PLAYER – Portable DVD players are still very popular travel gadgets and offer all the same functions as the standard DVD player in a home theater, with the only difference being portable. They also come with extra features like USB or SD card support that gives even more options for playing movies. Note: there are two popular types of portable DVD players on the market – Fold up and tablet.

Folding DVD players are typically the best option for travel. You can close the screen when carrying around which keeps it protected against occasional damage. Another great thing about fold-up players is that they provide better sound and can stand on their own – you don’t need to mount it or back up against something.

Tablet DVD players can be mostly found in cars. They are usually placed at the back of the car seats so that the kids can watch their favorite movies.

Both types of portable DVD players have advantages and disadvantages but offer almost the same entertainment options and your choice comes down to where and when you will be using them.

SCREEN SIZE – A major factor when watching a film. With a bigger screen, you will enjoy it more. Of course, there are pros and cons to various screen sizes. Small screen players are good but will strain the eyes after long periods. On the other hand, DVD players with big screens are heavier to carry.

You should find the balance when considering the screen of the portable player, a good starting point is a 10-inch screen.

BATTERY – Because you are looking for a portable device, battery life is one of the most important features you should care about. Portable DVD players can be powered in many ways, including replaceable batteries, and their life is based on the model, ranging from 2 hours to over 7 hours. You should always try to buy a device with a battery life that lasts at least 5 hours.

SOUND QUALITY – Expect some limitations in the sound quality. Portable DVD players are small devices, so they are equipped with small speakers. Need more volume? Go for extra speakers or headphones.

ANTI-SKIP FEATURE – An important feature to consider if you are buying a portable DVD player for a car. Anti-skip basically means that the player will not skip forward or freeze when bumped or moved around when it’s being carried.

BUDGET – The budget is also a major factor to consider when making any type of purchase. It is important to always look for a DVD player that fits into your price range so that you are not overspending what your budget can afford. You are probably looking for an effective product that is easy to use so that you can install this DVD player for the kid in the car for long road trips. 

CONNECTION OPTIONS – Buying a DVD player doesn’t always mean, it is not a movie on the go-only device. Sometimes, you will connect it to your other devices at home such as TV. For this case, make sure you get a player with audio-video connectors that can be plugged into the TV. With an HDMI port, you can watch movies or videos on a bigger screen.

SUPPORTED FORMATS – Having a DVD player that can play different formats is a great idea. You won´t be limited to just playing DVDs on it. Some models can even play MP3, and WMA files, display images in JPEGs, or even play Blu-Ray discs.


Children will appreciate all of the DVD players on this product list, mainly because it adds an entirely new layer to long drives in the car.
Instead of looking out the window, your children will now have the opportunity to watch and interact with movies while out driving. We hope that this buying guide will likely make your DVD purchasing decision significantly easier.

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