Best Portable Travel Apple Watch Chargers In 2024

Smartwatches are awesome, and if you are a fan of mobility and ease of use, you know that. And Apple Watch Series… the last two models are without a doubt one of the best smartwatches ever made. Unfortunately, their battery life sucks. Depending on the features you use, you will need to charge the Apple watch at least every couple of days – in fact, you will charge daily.

You can use the Apple´s included USB charging cable, but using a cable is inconvenient, it Apple Watch can accidentally disconnect or fall behind a desk.

You should get a dock station or stand. These products will give you a stable and reliable place to charge. If you need a better solution for your iWatch, we have a list of the best Apple Watch travel chargers in 2024, great options under $50 – with one exception.


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UGREEN Charger Compatible For Apple Watch

UGREEN charger
UGREEN Charger Compatible for iwatch / Credit: UGREEN

Ultra-portable and sleek design. This is UGREEN charger for iWatch offers something special over the other devices we listed here. It is foldable. You can adjust the charging pad to suit your viewing angle. Simply choose the charging position you prefer, place the Apple Watch flat on the table or lift up to activate nightstand mode.

UGREEN features a built-in Apple MFi magnetic charging module that can charge your Apple Watch at the almost same speed as Apple´s original charger. It is a really good option for people who are looking for a portable charger that can be put in a pocket or slip into a travel bag.

Belkin Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch And iPhone

Belkin Valet Charging Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone
Belkin Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch And iPhone / Credit: Belkin

Premium build quality and higher price. All travel chargers we mention in this article are under $50, only Belkin Valet charger attacks a hundred dollars. The higher price is not without a reason.

You is getting a compact, slender, elegant product that fits in the Apple ecosystem. A beautiful finish is evident, and it even has got an Apple certificate that allows Belking Valet to be sold in Apple shops and websites. Overall, Belkin Valet charger is simple, beautiful, elegant, well-designed and useful. An ideal charger for anybody who has an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Moretek Charging Stand for Apple Watch and AirPods

Moretec charging case
Moretek charging case for Apple Watch / Credit: Amazon

Moretek is a decent budget-carrying case with an extremely durable hard shell that is water- and crush-proof. It offers enough room to hold your Apple Watch charging cable so you can easily stay organized while on the go. And the price is fantastic.

OLEBR Aluminum Alloy Charging Stand for iWatch

OLEBR Aluminum Alloy Charging Stand
OLEBR Aluminum Alloy Charging Stand / Credit: Amazon

If you like the design of the Belkin Valet dock charger, but the price is too high for you then OLEBR may interest you. This charging stand is a cheap alternative of Belkin, ideal for iWatch, AirPod or iPhone.

It offers enough space to charge all these devices at the same time. The OLEBR charging stand is perfect for anyone who hates cords. A great product to keep all your devices charging and in one place.

Griffin Travel Power Bank Backup Battery for Apple Watch

Griffin Travel Power Bank
Griffin Travel Power Bank Backup Battery for Apple Watch / Credit: Griffintechnology

Power on-the-go. While the Belkin Valet or OLEBR stand is awesome, offers more capacity and versatility, the Griffin Travel Power Bank is all about portability. It is small enough to carry when needed, has micro USB input (no cable) and it does charge at normal speeds.

Unfortunately, the capacity of the power bank is not big enough to fully charge your Apple Watch. If you´re looking for a super-portable power bank that can easily slip into a bag, backpack or briefcase, Griffin is for you. It also includes a keyring, so you can attach it to your keys.

Tranesca 2-in-1 Charging Stand

Tranesca 2-in-1 Charging Stand For Apple Watch
Tranesca 2-in-1 Charging Stand For Apple Watch and iPhone / Credit: Amazon

Tranesca 2-in-1 is another charging dock for the Apple Watch and iPhone. It has a basic, yet elegant look and stylish stand made out of aluminum with good cable management. Tranesca is nothing special, just another cheap alternative to Belkin Valet, but with a very low price tag.


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