The 5 Best Projectors Under $300 in 2024 (Reviews and Guide)

There are a lot of different projectors currently on the market, which makes it a challenge to pick the very best option for you and your budget. To make things easier for you, we have reviewed 5 different products to help you find the best projectors under $300 in 2024.

The 5 Best Projectors Under $300 in 2024

Whether you want to watch your favorite movies outside under the stars or simply want a fun new option for your home theater setup, a 1080p projector under 300 can take your movie nights to the next level.

There is something on this list for everyone, including options that can be permanently mounted, options that are easily portable and versatile, indoor varieties, and outdoor varieties.

Keep reading to learn more and find the best option for you and your needs.

BEST OVERALL: VANKYO Performance V630 Native Projector

VANKYO Performance V630
VANKYO Performance V630 (Image credit: Vankyo

This projector from Vankyo offers a full HD display thanks to the 1920 x 1080 resolution. Despite the screen’s large size capabilities, the picture comes through crisp, saturated, and beautiful.

With this projector, you will be able to watch your movies on a big screen right from the comfort of your own home. The projector screen can be used between 46″ and 300″, and the projector itself should be setup between 5 and 30 feet away for the clearest picture. Check out the Vankyo V630 review and comparison to other similar models. 

Another great feature of this projector is internal noise-reducing technology. A lot of projectors have fans that begin to drive you crazy over the noise of your audio, but the Vankyo V630 reduces the fan’s noise by nearly 80%.

If you’re looking for versatility in a projector, then this is a great option for you. It has the capability to connect with several different input sources, including HDMI, AV, VGA, USB, and SD cards. This allows you to easily connect the projector to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, camera, game console, and more.

This projector can be used on a table or tripod or mounted on the ceiling, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate it into your home theater to transport it outside or to the office.

BEST VALUE: TOPTRO Bluetooth Projector

TOPTRO Bluetooth Projector
TOPTRO Bluetooth Projector (Image credit: Toptro)

The TOPTRO Bluetooth Projector is a fantastic option for you if you take your audio seriously. It features a Bluetooth chip for output devices, allowing it to pair wirelessly with your favorite speakers or headphones.

This puts you right in the middle of whatever you are viewing with a booming and crystal clear sound. It truly brings your movies, shows, and video games to life right in front of you.

This is among the best home theater projector under the $300 option because of its 1080p resolution and 4K capabilities. Even when watching HD and 4K media, this projector keeps your picture crisp, bright, colorful, and clear.

You will be completely immersed in whatever you are watching, playing, or listening to – just like at the theater. It is one of the best projectors from the unnamed brand on the market. For more details, read the detailed TOPTRO TR81 review

The projector’s giant screen can reach up to 350″, making you feel like you’re in a theater right in the comfort of your own home. Connect it to a smart stick, iPhone wifi dangle, game console, speakers, laptop, and more. 

One of the best things about the TOPTRO TR81 projector is how easy it is to clean. With removable dust covers and sides, you can easily wipe away dust from the machine, allowing it to stay cool during use to reduce fan noise and light interference.

BEST BUDGET: Jinhoo WiFi Mini Projector

Jinhoo WiFi Mini Projector
Jinhoo WiFi Mini Projector (Image credit: Jinhoo)

This projector from Jinhoo is wifi compatible, making it incredibly easy to connect devices to it through your home’s wifi connection or a simple USB cord. The native resolution is 720p, which is lower than other options on the list but still great in comparison to other mini projectors of this size.

The included portable projector screen measures 100″, which is easy to set up both inside and outside of the home or office. This smaller size makes it a great option for occasional outdoor movie nights in the backyard. It is easy to set up, so you won’t struggle when you move it for use in different places.

The projector itself has built-in stereo speakers, making it easy to setup and use absolutely anywhere. The sound comes through loud and clear, so you never have to miss out on a great audio experience. The machine also features HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB port connections, so you can use it with all of your current devices easily.

If you and your family want an outdoor projector under 300, then this is a perfect option for you. It works best in dim lighting and really shines for your family’s movie nights. You’ll find it extremely easy to use and setup with no hassle or complicated connections.

BEST PORTABLE: YABER Portable Projector

YABER Portable Projector
YABER Portable Projector (Image credit: Yaber)

Despite its mini, portable size, this projector from YABER can clearly display its picture on a 200″ inch screen without any loss in quality. It features a 720p resolution display, which creates a high-quality image at an affordable price.

The small size makes this projector easily portable. It’s a great option if you will be moving it around for use in different rooms of your home, or if you plan to use it outdoors or at work. It can be packed up and easily set up anywhere in just a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the projector’s unique portrait LCD display panel, the image comes through in bright, accurate colors and without pixelation. Not many other 720p projectors can handle this type of display, so it’s a great feature if you’re looking for something powerful despite its small size and affordable price point.

YABER Y60 has a dual stereo speaker built right into the housing, so it is ready to set up and use at anytime, anywhere. The audio comes through clear and loud, so you won’t struggle to hear the sound – even in an outdoor environment.

This projector is also great for anyone who wants connection versatility, as it can be used via multiple different input ports with a television system, laptop, gaming console, SD card, DVD player, smartphones, TV sticks, USB sticks, and more.

BEST OUTDOOR: YABER Native 1080p Movie Projector

YABER Native 1080p Movie Projector
YABER Native 1080p Movie Projector (Image credit: Yaber)

Just like its portable version, YABER makes another one of the best projectors under 300 options on the market. This one, however, is a better option for those who prefer high-quality over easy portability. It is a great option for a permanent home theater.

The YABER YB1 projector features a 1080p resolution, so it displays high-definition images in fantastic color, clarity, and contrast. That is four times more clear and detailed than the portable version in 720p, which is already of great quality.

A calling system is also featured in this projector’s housing, ensuring that a fan kicks on if the machine has been running for a long period of time. This allows it to operate fairly quietly, have a longer overall life, and prevent your movies, shows, or games from flickering out or stalling.

The huge 300″ screen allows for you to watch movies and play your favorite video games on a wide-screen, so you can view them exactly as they were meant to be viewed in the theater. You will be put right in the middle of a great viewing experience but in the comfort of your very own home.

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