Best Tech YouTube Channels To Help You Build Your PC

YouTube is full of interesting tech channels that are making videos that cover unboxings, reviews, tests of computers, parts, phones, headphones, laptops, and so on.

But, if you’re particularly interested in building a new computer, you would prefer channels that heavily focus on PCs and related components.

Do you any need recommendations?

No worries, we’ve selected tech Youtube channels we like. Channels that feature useful tips for both beginner and advanced computer builders.

From choosing the right components, through the step-by-step PC building process, up to the first things you should do with a new computer, these YouTube technology channels have a lot to offer.

Best For Everything In The Tech: Linus Tech Tips


Linus Gabriel Sebastian and his crew make videos on tech content, especially on computer hardware and tech tips. From GPUs, CPUs, PCs, smartphones to upcoming technologies, and crazy experiments, this channel has already covered it.

There is no doubt that his channels Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit are some of the best technology channels on YouTube where you can learn about different computer stuff and be entertained at the same time.


Interesting videos:

Best Tutorials: Paul’s Hardware


Paul’s Hardware is a PC-hardware related YouTube channel, notable for its charismatic host and his approach to reviewing the latest tech stuff. In addition to the reviews, you can watch a step-by-step PC building process, and learn typical things related to computers.


Interesting videos:

Most Entertaining: Bitwit 


Bitwit is one of the most entertaining tech-based YouTube channels we’re regularly watching. Created by a guy named Kyle, the channel was called AwesomeSauce Network before the name was changed. The content, of course, is mainly PC-hardware related, with interesting tests, reviews, comparison videos, PC reviews, vlogs, and other random content.


Interesting videos:

Best Educational: JayzTwoCents 


JayzTwoCents is a channel about technology and gaming with a lighthearted slant. Created by Jason Langevin, the channel has found a substantial following, attracting viewers by interesting building tutorials, discussions about common questions, and PC myths.


Interesting videos:

Best For In-Depth Reviews: Hardware Canucks 


Hardware Canucks is a YouTube channel focused on everything technology. If you are looking for in-depth reviews of the latest CPUs, Graphic cards, storages, notebooks, or gaming peripherals, this channel is your go-to source. What’s more, Hardware Canucks also offer tutorials and how-to videos that can help you get the most out of your PC gaming hardware.


Interesting videos:

Best For Budget PC Building: Tech YES City


We love this channel. Tech YES City is a small Australian YouTube channel with a main focus on price/performance PC builds. Because you don’t need to buy a new computer to get the best performance. Tech YES City teaches you a different approach to PC building. Learn more about great value CPUs, GPUs, or other components, all from a man who is actually selling used PCs in Australia.


Interesting videos:

Best For Cheap PC Gaming: ScatterVolt


ScatterVolt is another small YouTube channel on the list, with a heavy focus on gaming. A channel full of how-to videos, helpful tutorials, budget gaming pc build guides and gaming peripherical reviews. Hosted by its founder Marc Aranibar, this channel is a great place for everyone who needs help to choose a low budget computer for gaming.


Interesting videos:

For More Budget Gaming PC Builds: Zach’s Tech Turf 


Why should you spend $700 for a gaming PC, when you can build your own $400 computer from used parts. Zach’s Tech Turf is a great place where you will learn how to upgrade a used computer to get better performance. The smallest YouTube channel on the list, however full of useful information for budget gamers.


Interesting videos:


Final Thoughts

YouTube is full of general tech channels, so take this list as a guide to find a new channel you never heard of. Subscribing to these channels should provide you with a regular stream of well-edited, hardware-focused, and entertaining content. 

However, in technology, every day comes out with something new, unique, and helpful. It is almost impossible to be aware of the latest tech news, trends, launches, reviews, and guides.

For this reason, you should always follow the best tech websites and blogs. Stay updated in order to get the best out of technology.


Main photo by Balkouras Nicos