Best Waterproof Fitbit 2024: Let’s Go Swimming

Recommending the best waterproof Fitbit is quite easy. Even according to the official Fitbit website, there are only 3 models that are waterproof out of the box. And the Fitbit Versa is the best of them. It is a lightweight, compact smartwatch and fitness tracker with a clear interface and all the important features of Ionic. Fitbit Versa is also water-resistant to 50 meters and works with both iOS and Android.

When people buy a new fitness tracker these days, Fitbit will likely be one of the brands on their wishlist.

Fitbit is one of the leading manufacturers of wearables in the world with a large range of products. It is hard to keep track of all models and it is even harder to understand that not all Fitbits are waterproof.

Most of the best-selling models are not.

So, if you like tracking and measuring your progress in the pool, we have here reviews of top waterproof Fitbit trackers great for swimming in 2024.



Many manufacturers are declaring that their wearables are waterproof, but most of them have just the Ingress Protection Rating of IP68. That means you have a wearable device tested in shallow water for a short time. It isn´t a good idea to wear these models to water, and definitely not swim with them.

IP68-rated smartwatches are specially designed to resist occasional water exposure but are not made for water activities. If you want to know the difference between a water-resistant and waterproof smartwatch, read the detailed explanation we have here.

That’s not all…

Even according to Fitbit’s official website, their standard trackers and watches are water-resistant, which means they are rain-proof and splash-proof and can stand up to even the sweatiest workout. You can swim or shower only with a few Fitbit devices.

Well, it´s time for the reviews of the best waterproof Fitbits for swimmers.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa – source:





MORE: 24/7 heart rate tracking, 15+ exercise modes

As you already know, Fitbit is one of the biggest brands in fitness technology on the planet, but a newbie in the smartwatch market. Until late 2017. In the last months of 2017, the company released its sport-related model Ionic… And it wasn´t the device many expected it to be.

The company´s second attempt, Fitbit Versa, is definitely an improvement over its predecessor. It looks better, fits better, and it’s much cheaper.

Versa has the best features of Ionic, but to get the price down, the company had to make a few sacrifices. The model is missing GPS, the battery life is not the longest, and the design doesn´t have a premium feel, but still… Versa is one of the more affordable smartwatches on the market and a device that can make Fitbit proud.

FOR: Attractive designAffordable

AGAINST: Can´t respond to textsNo GPS

Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch
Fitbit Ionic – source:




CONNECTIVITY: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

MORE: GPS, heart rate monitor, non-contact payments

As we wrote above, Ionic was Fitbit´s first real attempt to enter the market of smartwatches from fitness bands. Honestly, this model hasn´t reached its goals.

Fitbit Ionic has a lot to offer in the fitness category. You can track all the important things, from running to swimming to extreme workouts. There is also an excellent Fitbit´s app and you can even use the Fitbit Pay system to pay for items.

Ionic has one main problem. After the release, the price was very high and it´s expensive today. If you compare features and price with competitors like Samsung Gear Sport or TicWatch S, it has nothing extra to offer.

Let´s summarize it. The Fitbit Ionic has basic functions (step counting, sleep tracking, Fitbit app, social integration) and adds a few smartwatch features such as notification or non-contact payments. It also gives the user a lot of running watch functionality – auto-detected runs, GPS tracking, and there is heart rate tracking even suitable for high-intensity activity.

FOR: Good wrist cardio tracking • Awesome Fitbit app

AGAINST: Design • Price

Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2 wristband
Fitbit Flex 2 – source:





MORE: Automatic sleep tracking, all-day tracking, high-quality LED display screen

An update of the original activity tracker wristband, the Fitbit Flex 2 has the high-quality LED screen and minimalistic design of its predecessor and adds a lot of tracking functions to monitor your daily activity and sleep patterns.

What´s more, Fitbit Flex 2 is the company´s first waterproof fitness tracker. An excellent device you can swim with and it will count your laps in the pool.

Overall, the Fitbit Flex 2 is one of the best cheap fitness trackers on the market. It doesn´t offer as many features as some other models, but it has a reasonable price tag and it definitely covers all the basics you need to successful daily tracking.

We highly recommend this watch to anyone who wants to have a fitness tracker and doesn´t know where to begin.

FOR: Lightweight • ComfortableFast software • Price

AGAINST: Slow charging • No GPSNo heart rate monitoring

Is There A Waterproof Fitbit

What if we give you a better answer to the question – “Are Fitbits Waterproof?” – than these 3 models? Yes, the truth is that only Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Ionic, and Fitbit Versa are originally waterproof, but there is already a new affordable option… Waterfi.

Waterfi is a US company located in San Diego that is working to bring people their favorite electronic gadgets underwater.

How do they work?

They guys buy certain models from the Fitbit company, open them up, seal components inside, and close the unit back up.

They are using patent-pending PlatinumX Waterproofing Technology, a comprehensive process that completely waterproofs and corrosion-proof electronics. This technology applies a proprietary substance that completely protects the device and forms an insulating barrier around all of the sensitive electronics. This barrier guards the device against exposure to threatening elements such as chlorine, salt water, sweat, and shock.

All their electronics meet PX8 waterproofing standards and are more durable, secure, and longer-lasting than ever before.

Waterfi is the only company in the world to offer a durable and completely internal waterproofing solution designed for exposure to water down to depths up to 210 feet underwater. They offer fully waterproofed Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Alta, and waterproofed FuelBands. Of course, the Fitbit isn´t the only brand they are waterproofing. Find more here…


Smartwatches For Swimmers

The difference between smartwatches and fitness trackers is minimal these days. Many of the newest smartwatches have features such as heart rate monitors or GPS, just like fitness trackers. And many of these smartwatches are waterproof too, so they can be worn while swimming without worrying about damage. In addition to this, a smartwatch provides you with a huge number of apps made for swimming. 

We have an entire article about best waterproof smartwatches, but if you like to know our results, then Apple Watch Series 3, TicWatch S, and Samsung Gear Sport are our favorite smartwatches for swimming right now.


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