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It is recommended to generate strong passwords while you creating an online account. We all have tens of password that are hard to remember because they are not supposed to be easy or memorable.

It is easy to panic when you read the never-ending procession of data hacks in news headlines. If you ever want to find out if someone is stealing your identity or if one of your accounts has been compromised, there are some simple-to-use tools on the web that can be helpful.


Have I Been Pwned?


Have I Been Pwned alternatives


When massive data breaches happen to the companies we actually trust with our online credentials, our usernames and passwords can become totally exposed – Yahoo, Adobe, Quora and more…  In fact, the whole slew of usernames and plaintext passwords were leaked for a number of different sites – at 772,904,991. It’s the largest data leak in history, at least according to the Troy Hunt, a founder of the Have I Been Pwned? website. Here’s how to make sure your information is still safe.

The best, most transparent, and free tool that does a very good job of monitoring hacking data can be found on the site called Have I Been Pwned?. All you need is to enter your email address, username or password and the website will check its record of more than a billion accounts.

This website takes data from publicly leaked breaches that have been illegally obtained and then posted on the web, making the whole lot easily searchable. It covers recent hacks of Yahoo, Adobe, LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, Dropbox and more.

If you find that you have indeed been “pwned,” I highly recommend to change your password at the first opportunity. A good idea is to turn on the two-step verification as well.

It is worthy of your time spending a few minutes to check all your credentials to see if you have got anything to worry about.

Have I Been Pwned? Alternatives


Have I Been Pwned is one of the oldest and most popular sites where you can check if your email account has been hacked. But there are another 3 interesting alternatives you should also try.

BreachAlarm – This direct competitor of Have I Been Pwned website is more professionally designed and offers more watchlist options for people who are looking to get notifications about any potential breaches.

Hacked Emails – Clean, refreshing and good designed website with a simple goal – to check hacked email addresses. It doesn’t offer many standout features, but the website is easy to use and values anonymity.

Sucuri Security Scanner – This is a great tool for bloggers and online business. The Security Scanner by Sucuri allows you to check an entire site for any signs of bugs, security vulnerabilities and the presence of hackers.




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