Best Whiteboard Animation Software (2024) For Windows And Mac

After considering over 15 products, we think Explaindio is the best whiteboard animation software in 2024 for Windows and Mac users.

It combines 2D & 3D animations, whiteboard sketch elements, and full-motion videos. This software allows anyone, no matter what their experience level is, to create professionally appealing videos.

For people on a budget, we are recommending VideoMakerFX or a free plan of PowToon.


Best Overall: Explaindio“Explaindio rocks! It is my go-to software for marketing my events. Easy to use and has lots of options. Blows away the competition.”

Best Budget: VideoMakerFX“This software is simply INCREDIBLE! I work in video animation and I can tell you that this software is Hands-Down the most powerful and simple animation software I have seen!”

Best Free Plan: Powtoon. “Powtoon is cheap, but a fun-filled and easy way of creating presentations.”

If you are looking for a simple way to make a video for your YouTube channel or just want to create an animated video, whiteboard animation software is an ideal tool for you.

Whiteboard animation videos will definitely improve your presentation or help with the visualization of your content. Besides, it makes people enjoy watching your video or presentation.

Here are some reasons why you should include these videos in your marketing:

  • Teach customers to use a program or product.
  • Sell an idea.
  • Introduce your brand, product, or service.

There are some quality and affordable software programs on the market. Tools that enable you to make whiteboard animated videos with ease. So, check the list of best whiteboard animation software in 2024 we selected based on rich features, ease of use, and popularity.

Best whiteboard animation software: Explaindio

Explaindio video animation creator

Explaindio 4.0 is the latest version of a very popular video creator that has all the features to help you create professional-looking, highly engaging videos in a matter of minutes.

It is quick, fast, and intuitive.

This software simplifies the whole video creation process – a great tool for internet marketers, who want to make things as fast as possible. Explaindio is complex software and it is not so easy as the other video creators on this list. It takes some time to learn, but the time you invest in the learning process is well spent.

Explaindio video creator allows anyone to make professional appearing videos, even a mix of animation, whiteboard sketch elements, and full motion video all into one nice looking video. 

With Explaindio, you will get an entire 14 days (free trial) to give the whiteboard animation software a try. If you try the software and you decide it’s not for you, they give you ALL your money back. No question asked!

Cheap Whiteboard Animation Software: VideoMakerFX 

VideoMakerFX is a professional video creator that promises to create quick and engaging videos at a low cost. VideoMakerFX is very easy to learn, easy to use, and what is best, it is affordable. This desktop software works on both PC/Mac and enables you to create professional-quality, animated videos, whiteboard animations, and stories in just a few minutes. Over 100,000 satisfied marketers have bought this video creator already.

Why? Because this video scribing software saves you time. The characters, text effects, templates, explainers, and videos are already animated. All you have to do is type in your text or upload images and you have a finished video. VideoMakeFX review


Videze video software

Videze is a cloud-based platform that uses the latest technology to create animated videos in many styles. Select the template you like, personalize it with your logo, images, or text, and hit render. With just a few clicks, you are able to create whiteboard and explainer videos, animated logos, intros/outros, lower thirds, 3D live-action videos, slideshows, kinetic typography videos, and much more.

Videze is a complete all-in-one video software suite, great for people who need to make short, uncomplicated eye-catching animated videos. With Videze you have full control to customize the video to your own taste for a reasonable price.

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0


For a couple of years now, Easy Sketch Pro has been the standard software for creating whiteboard animation videos. It specially designed only for these types of videos. If you already know the power of whiteboard animation for engaging with your audience and you want to regularly create these videos, Easy Sketch Pro is definitely the way to go. It provides a very cost-effective solution and gives you full control over the process.



Promoyze allows you to make a professional full-length promo, ad, whiteboard animation, and sales videos super-easy and fast. Select the Promoyze video template, swap content, and it’s done. The tool is for beginners who want a simple way to make videos in different categories and do it fast. It is also for experienced video editors that want to make really nice promo videos, faster than they can create them with their fancy tools.


GoAnimate is another tool for making and editing animated videos. Which kind of videos? Explainer videos, whiteboard videos, or even fully animated video infographics. The clean and fast interface is why GoAnimate is so loved by customers. You can make a short video literally in a few minutes.

These tools are designed for both beginners and experienced animators, but the targeted users are people with minimum animation experience. This is why you should expect an easy setup, cloud access, drag and drop features, large pre-set templates, and fast video rendering.


VideoScribe software

Videoscribe is an easy-to-use software for creating whiteboard animations and explainer videos. Clean, effective, with a large library of sounds and images. Even if you have no previous experience in animation, Videoscribe allows you to make a simple video in under 30 minutes.

Yes, you can make short explainer videos that are very popular these days, with no animation knowledge. Videscribe works for both Mac and PC, you can download the tool on as many computers as you need, and it has cloud support, so you can easily access your projects almost everywhere you are.

Best Free Whiteboard Software: PowToon


PowToon is the Do-It-Yourself animated video tool that can be used for making animated presentations, promos, or infographics. With strong attention to animation, this software allows you to make each finished product more visually appealing.

PowToon makes the creation process easy and more user-friendly. It offers manipulation of images and objects, combines music and sound effects, and builds fluid videos instead of boring slide decks from presentation software like PowerPoint. Used by many worldwide companies such as Coca-Cola, Godaddy, eBay, or Pfizer, PowToon is one of the best whiteboard video creators on the market. Only the price should be lower for some plans, but you can use their free plan with Powtoon branding if your videos will not be longer than 3 minutes.


animaker whiteboard video

Animaker is a cloud-based whiteboard animation software that provides users with professional tools for creating a studio-quality video. Claiming to be “10x better” than other online animation programs, Animaker does offer a lot of features. It enables users to show data and statistics in a compelling way, creating a fascinating animated story. Enjoy its drag and drop functions, pre-animated assets, characters with tons of emotions, sound effects, music, and inbuilt data assets.


What is a Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation videos are known by many names – sketch videos, doodle videos, explainer videos, or video scribing.

It is a video style where you can see static images drawn on the screen.

Mostly, the script is structured as a third-person narration or a use-case example, that supports or improves the story that is told through the drawing. These videos are simple, fast to make and engaging.

Why Should You Use Whiteboard Animation Videos

Do you know that people remember only 10 percent of what they read? Yes, that’s a fact. According to a scientific study, average adults can remember 10% of what they read, but 50% of what they SEE and HEAR. This is a reason why video content grabs more attention and converts better than an article.

In theory, making a video is a simple three-step process (pre-production, production, post-production). Complete these steps properly and you will have a good video. In reality, many factors influence how well the process works. With the use of whiteboard animation software, you can reduce your effort and create nice-looking videos quickly.

If you still don’t know what exactly whiteboard animation is, watch the video below.

In the last few years, these types of videos have taken the advertising industry by storm. Try to use a whiteboard animation video or animated explainer video as a part of your marketing strategy and see how the conversion rates are increasing.

Why Use Whiteboard Animation?

In short – engagement. Every time you make a video, you do it on purpose. However, you can sell something, teach something, or entertain.

There are a lot of reasons, but you always want your audience to watch as much of the video as possible. Whiteboard animations have the power to explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand fashion. They are memorable.

Main Benefits:

  • Instantly grab your viewer’s attention
  • Keep the viewer’s attention
  • Explain ideas in an eye-catching way

When Should You Use A Whiteboard Animation Video?

There are many benefits of using explainer videos, but it is also important to identify your audience and understand your call to action for the viewer. This type of video works great if:

  • Your service or product is complex
  • You want to educate your audience
  • You want to give your video a human touch of humor
  • You need to promote offers or capture more leads

Just a small taste of what you can achieve with whiteboard animation. The limit – your imagination. There is a huge demand for whiteboard animation videos but they have been out of the price range of most people. This is why many software developers respond to that demand by providing cost-effective alternatives. Above you have the list of the best whiteboard animation software available at a reasonable price.


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