BIKI – Underwater Drone Designed To Look Like A Fish

When you put the project on the crowdfunding platform you wish to reach the investment goal as fast as possible. The BIKI bionic underwater fish drone is one of those who accomplished the goal in 24 hours.

A mini underwater 4k camera drone is designed to look like a fish and can keep its balance in the water to get better videos.

Even during high-speed motion or in darkness, BIKI is capable of stabilizing the camera for smooth videos and sharp photos by using an HD movement camera and an anti-shake camera platform that is based on an eccentric pan & tilt head.

BIKI - Underwater Drone Designed To Look Like A Fish

BIKI has a pretty nice design. It looks like fish, is driven by the tail fin which helps him to control the direction of movement, can swim for 90-120 minutes, and at a depth of up to 196 feet. Even in the dark waters, it can be helpful for you thanks to the 2×114 lumen lights. Next great feature is the bionic sonar echo-location which offers the object’s location in the environment.

BIKI can launch sonic waves of different bandwidths through the internal transducer, which allows you to operate the camera in any water-medium, from the pool to the ocean, by using a controller.

The pictures and videos can be captured in 4k and easily shared through the live transmission to the smartphone or social media.

BIKI - Underwater Drone Designed To Look Like A Fish

In addition to 4K UHD video, BIKI also supports 16-megapixel photography at 30 fps that offer the best view from underwater – even when operating at high-speed motion or in darkness.

Use the official BIKI app to see the underwater scenes and create your own routes for the underwater drone. If BIKI loses the connection, a built-in GPS makes it return to base and send an actual location to the smartphone.


  • 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines (8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9)
  • Compact size (weight of 2.4 pounds, 10.47-inch length, 4.17-inch Width and 5.83-inch height)
  • Durable open shell
  • IMU (inertial measurement unit)
  • ROBOSEA algorithm
  • Underwater suspension
  • 1.12 mph fishtail-driven design
  • 196-foot maximum depth
  • 55db ultra silent
  • 150° Wide-Angle Lens
  • 32 GB Internal Memory
  • 2*114 Lumen Lights
  • Wireless control and transmission
  • Route customization
  • 90-120 minutes of video shooting

Watch the BIKI underwater drone video

The BIKI underwater drone is developed by Chinese manufacturer Robosea is designed with advanced bionics technology and can bring you lot of fun. The project has reached the funding goal, but you can still pre-order the BIKI if you want on Kickstarter.

Designer: Robosea

All images via Robosea/Kickstarter

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