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Need the right motivational songs to complete your training. Tunes that will keep you working out longer and harder. You are not alone. There are many reasons why people love to listen to good music while working out. It can increase your speed, make you more powerful, boost your mood and it also keeps you motivated.

Boost your training performance with Blast Plug BP51 headphones. This comfortable, long-lasting and wireless earbuds will help you get into your zone. Put them on and enjoy your favorite music. Your workout will feel easier.

Advanced Noise Cancellation: The Clear Voice Capture 6.0 isolation technology easily reduces background noises and lets you listen to the music with optimum audio quality.

Blast Plug BP51 earphones

Image via Silicon Power

Premium Audio Quality: Using the aptX codec, Blast Plug BP51 10mm dynamic speaker delivers pure treble and quality bass to give you the opportunity to enjoy CD-like sound quality.

Comfortable Fit: These headphones are designed for sports enthusiasts. Lightweight (13g), with 3 different sized earphone caps, back-of-the-neck cable style, and ergonomic ear-hook design, BP51 are made to fit your ears and stay put while you are doing your activity.

Sweatproof Protection: The IP64 rating protect the earphone against raindrops and splashes.

Wireless: As with other wireless headphones with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, you can expect fast pairing, stable connection for 10 meters (33 feet) and low power consumption. Blast Plug works with all Bluetooth enabled devices including smartphones, tablets or smartwatches.

Blast Plug BP51

Image via Silicon Power

Long Battery Life: After 2 hours of charging, BP51 headphones give you 6 hours of play or 160 hours of standby time. That sounds good, what do you think.

Blast Plug BP51 sports headphones look like a pleasant surprise and decent attempt of Silicon Power to step into the earphones and headphones market.

To be honest, this is not a review of Blast Plug BP51, or a sponsored content, just a quick preview of quality product for a fantastic price. Because this is the motto of Nechstar. We are here to find interesting devices with an interesting price tag. To help you Start Living Smart.

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