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Our climate has changed during the passing years. The temperatures are rising and… Stop!

This is not another climatological lecture. No, I just want to show you a clever way how to cool yourself during a hot day.

The device you should know is called blö. A patent pending, small, lightweight, and rechargeable cooling unit great for activities such as hiking, biking, running, walking, and anything else.


blö cools you off 6 degrees in 2 minutes


The blö was specially designed to be placed at the base of your neck to cool you off faster. Why? Because when you target this area down the rest of your body becomes cooler. This is a reason why blö is able to cool you off 6 degrees in 2 minutes.


blo cooling device

Works just as well when positioned on the front of your body or on your lower back.

How it Works


Blö is a wearable cooling device somewhere between a fan and an air conditioner. It is equipped with a small motor and a blade to create airflow, but it doesn’t work like any other normal fan.

It draws air in through a chamber where it passes over peppermint oil which acts as the cooling agent. You don’t have to use the peppermint oil, it just enhances the cooling sensation and cools you off much quicker.


The cooler air flows out of the bottom and sides and focuses on a small area of your skin at a targeted location. Unlike a fan that tries to get maximum airflow, blö cools off a small portion of your body using ambient cooling, similar to how an ice cube cools you off. Once that area gets cold, the rest of your body adjusts and you get cooler. When you combine that with the effects of peppermint oil described below you get the perfect combo to cool you off quickly.


Key Features

  • A small motor creates airflow
  • 3 settings: Low, Regular, and Turbo
  • A rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • 4-8 hours battery life depending on the speed
  • 1 hour and 15 min charge time with micro USB
  • Blue LED light to signal its finished charging

The blö not only cools you off, but it also allows essential oil users to enjoy full health benefits of their small diffuser on the go. The pretty nice thing about blö is its design let you add whatever vital oils you want depending on your taste! Try peppermint oils to feel the air much colder, or lemongrass essential oils to get both repellent and relaxing effects at the same time.

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This innovative wearable cooling device is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $29 and will start shipping to backers in February 2018.

Designer: blö technology


All images and video via blö technology / Kickstarter