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Probably you heard about Cuppow, the revolutionary canning jar, and travel mug solution. Really something so clever that went instantly viral. The American company Cuppow is still developing everyday products that help us decrease our own eco-footprints, hit the market again.

The BNTO is a level up to their first product. It is a combination of a canning jar, cup, and lid. A next level gadget for all of us who needs to travel with homemade food.  Inspired by original Japanese bento boxes, BNTO allows you to carry foods which taste perfect together but have a problem to travel together. For example, yogurt and muesli, salsa and chips, pasta and sauce, with Cuppow´s BNTO they held in the box separately.

BNTO by Cuppow - Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor

BNTO by Cuppow - Canning Jar Lunchbox

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Also great for salads, snacks, and leftovers. Splits a canning jar into two compartments, creating the perfect eco-friendly lunchbox. The canning jar is easy to clean, perfect for travel and very cheap. 

Designer: Cuppow [Check Latest Price]