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You know that feeling.

You are navigating through a new city while using a GPS on your smartphone.

Bad idea?

Yes, because turning on GPS on your phone will drain out the battery very quickly.

Sometimes it happens.

While driving, running out of phone battery and not being able to find a suitable place to place the phone are common problems for almost every driver.

That´s why an investment in a good quality car mount is a fantastic idea for your phone.

Today, we are introducing you a new Kickstarter project called Boltron. A wireless charging mount specially designed to hold your phone safely in all kind of conditions.

Our goals were to create the most reliable smart cradle for all phones that serve as automobile wearable. Cradle that not only helps to avoid distractions on the road but also fits into the in-car surroundings seamlessly” describes creator of Boltron, Roberto Iten.


Boltron Features


Wireless Fast Charging: With the use of the newest Qi charge technology, you are able to experience incredible fast charging. Boltron powers up your phone immediately to ensure the fast recovery from power shortage.

Charging Through The Phone Case: The improved transmitter coil of Boltron placed in the charging base generates a wider electromagnetic field that may deliver electrons through a thicker barrier then powering the battery.

Stability: The frame together with the spring back base is giving you great stability to shore up your phone in all kinds of road condition.




Alerts: This is an interesting feature. The buzzer which is integrated into the core area will remind you if your phone was forgotten and left in the cradle. The built-in sound reminder triggers on immediately after the vehicle is turned off. You will never forget the phone again.

Color Customization: Boltron provides a highly customizable coloring alternative for turning the cradle polychrome base on your coloring preference which fits best your car design.



There are so many car mounts out there, but they are limited to the use in the car only. We wanted to create a product that would stretch an idea of a phone mount, so we created Boltron. A smart cradle that has a functionality of any regular car mount, but also features premium design and materials, and ensures the best reliability with every use.” comments Co-Founder of Boltron HK Ltd Anthony Maguire.

Do you want more details? You can easily find Boltron on Kickstarter for a starting price of $29 for Boltron cradle without charging module or $39 for Boltron wireless charging mount. With the established delivery date in June 2018, you have enough time to save money, because the retail price will be around $79.00.

Designer: Boltron

All images and video via Boltron HK Ltd


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Boltron is a crowd-funded Kickstarter project that has no guarantee of succeeding. This article is not an official promotion of Boltron, and we at Nechstar are not responsible if the project does not succeed through crowdfunding. We are trying to introduce our audience interesting projects that have a high chance of success, but you, the reader, assume all responsibility by pledging your money to this project.