Boombot Pro+ Bass Station by Boombotix

Looking for a powerful speaker with a subwoofer that will blow you away with his sound? Get ready for Boombot Pro+ Bass Station by Boombotix. It’s portable, durable, lightweight and sounds really good. The hexagon is the crisp highs and treble.

This cool device takes the concept of pro speaker and 15-watt base station. The speaker is fully portable, you can take it with you and when you get back home not only does this base charge it, but it allows you fill the whole room with the sound.

Boombot Pro+ Bass Station by Boombotix

The Boombot Pro+ Bass Station consists of two parts. A nice pro speaker with a clip on the back, so you can clip it onto your backpack, your laptop back, your pocket. The speaker on itself is awesome, waterproof, with all day battery life and great sound quality. The second part of the BoomBot Pro+ is the base station. If you dock the speaker to the base, it would charge the speaker 50 percent faster, so you can listen to the music even if your battery is dying. The Boombot Pro+ is designed for people that demand the highest level of audio performance.

Just put the Boombot Pro+ on the bass station, pull up the music on your phone and mine auto synced. The sound is good with just the Boombot Pro+ but put it on the bass station and WOW! You can use the volume on the Boombot, your phone or both. With the sturdy and waterproof construction, it is created to give you premium audio anytime and anywhere.

Boombot Pro+ Bass Station

Boombot Pro+ Bass Station by Boombotix

This thing really kicks a nice bass and has good volume to it. The sound is great and the bass is awesome! Overall this is a great value and you will get a lot for your money. Grab one BoomBot Pro+ from Amazon.



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