Can You Change The Voice On Google Translate?

Change The Voice On Google Translate

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Google Translate is the world’s best-known free tool used by people who want to translate words or phrases from one language to another.

With support for more than a hundred languages and with its simplicity, this is an incredibly useful app for travel.

On the left, you type words or phrases in the language you are translating from and on the right, you choose the language you want translating to.

Fast, simple, and decently accurate. And the app also speaks the translations in the automated voice.

Can I Change The Voice On Google Translate?

The simple answer is NO, you still haven’t the option to change the voice on Google Translate. The only way to change the automated voice is to change the language.

There is still only one voice for each language that offers voice translation. This is due to the fact that the Google Translator utilizes various modules for a text-to-speech program per language supported by Google’s audible translation abilities.

Unfortunately, not every language spoken in Google Translate offers voice translation. There are a huge amount of languages, you’re able to hear the translation spoken aloud by Google Translate, but this doesn’t apply to all languages.

Is There A Male Voice For Google Translator?

Yes, you can hear a male voice in Google Translator (Italian voice for example), but you can’t change the voice gender by yourself.

This is ridiculous. No voice change to male? While you can change the voice gender in Google Assistant and Google Home, you have to know how important to a lot of people is to have a choice between female and male voices.

For some people, male voices are easier to understand and specific for Google Translate, you have to hear the word and understand the translation.

If you are curious about which languages have a male voice, here are some steps that you can follow to change the voice in Google Translator.


STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Type the words or phrases to translate into the left field.

STEP 3: Click the drop-down arrow in the right field and then select the language to which you want to translate your entry.

STEP 4: Google Translate will automatically generate a translation in the right field.

STEP 5: Now, you can click on the speaker icon to hear the translation spoken.

Is There A Male Voice For Google Translator
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STEP 6: To hear a different voice speaking in translation, you need to change the language and then click on the speaker icon again.


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